Another Slouch Sweater – Maroon Merino

I hadn’t intended on making another sweater, but the longer the winter goes on, the more sweaters I need, and also this sweater pattern I adapted is perfect for me.  It sews up quickly, and layers well.

I got this sweater a few weeks ago, and only for the label ‘100% fine merino’ I would have left it there!  As it already had a good ribbed polo, I decided to work with what I had rather than take it apart fully.  I cut off the sleeves and cut the sleeves keeping the original seam in the sleeve rather than lose 1cm by resewing.  I cut up the side seams.  Before I cut, I double checked where the centre shoulder was by trying it on over my head, and this corresponded with how it folded when lain flat.


I cut around, and sewed the side seams to underarm and inset the sleeve, and I added a pleat to the ‘cuff’.  All of the cut and the sew to this point took less than 30 minutes!  I tacked sleeve hems and sweater hems and pressed them, and finished by using the twin needle.



Love how it turned out.  Have yet to wear it layered with the floral blouse but know they will make a good match!

I have a few other makes half done, and in between I moved the site to wordpress (so the half makes are still half-made).  Really glad I did as I never got a proper working template with blogger.  My bloglovin profile was updated too, but I was unable to transfer the subscribers from feed-burner.  I don’t know how well the subscriber form works on WordPress yet, as one email worked on it but another didn’t….so if anyone cannot subscribe and would prefer email, just let me know!




10 thoughts on “Another Slouch Sweater – Maroon Merino

  1. Linda Wilson says:

    Hi Eimear. I must have been one of the people who got August 2015??
    But now I see where you are!
    Welcome to wordpress.
    Gorgeous colour of jumper. I love how a series of simple, well thought out changes transforms a jumper to what we want it to be.

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    • theupsew says:

      oh gosh sorry….. I had set myself up on the mailing and saw it come through and in part I was relieved all the posts didnt follow! I think I have all the glitches sorted, and now to start hemming and finishing a few other makes and posting them. v happy with this jumper pattern!

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      • Linda Wilson says:

        It’s fine. In fact when I read the dyeing processes posts, I was about t comment that it’s interesting to see that we all go off in different directions at times??
        But instead I realise now that that direction was a while back. It’s all interesting to see where we go and what we do now!!

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    • theupsew says:

      Thank you Lynn, every now and then I get a bit transfixed by the amount of time anything takes (imagining if I had to do it in factory conditions or something I dont know…..) I also dont know how those contestants in the Great Bristish Sewing Bee do it!


  2. wrong doll says:

    It must be so satisfying to be able to pick up pre-loved fine threads and breathe new life into them. At this pace, maybe the Sewing Bee is in your sights! 100 percent merino remake – what a find and a lovely re-fashion.

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    • theupsew says:

      ha – that truly would put fear right through me – its the only reality tv I can watch, and I am often so concious of the time limits they are given, I could not work under that pressure and then trying to be all breezy with claudia as I am ripping out zips….. looking forward to watching it as its good to be reminded that everyone puts a sleeve in back to front every now and then (dont they?)

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