4 thoughts on “culotte upcycle

  1. wrong doll says:

    I think this is my favourite picture of you Eimear – you look so natural and stylish head to toe in me-mades. Lovely job – such skills in transformation and what a sense of satisfaction you must have taking something about to be thrown and making it in to classy evening wear. Respect!


    • theupsew says:

      Ah, thank you Aimee! I am having a strange teenage throwback summer as I seem to be having various meet-ups with people I hadnt seen in a long time and in some cases since school! Glad I made the effort for this one, as it was a great night! the other teenage throwback was that I used run up stuff to wear that night when I was in school/college, and this time I was at it again, except this time my finish was way better!


      • wrong doll says:

        Wow that’s so impressive that you used to run up an outfit to wear on an evening back when you were in college. Such fantastic skills you have – I do wish I had discovered sewing way back when. Mind you if I had, I’d probably need a storage container for all my clothes!


  2. theupsew says:

    when I said run up…. they were really rough….. I favoured the batwing sleeve style (2 seams) or sleeveless dress with wide neck and would wear a big belt for shaping and there was also the chance that matching thread was never used…………….. whereas these trews were so much better made so I was ‘patting myself on the back’ with this one!


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