lots of plans but I changed them – first denim refashion

I had a very good plan for the next month, but when the refashioners came out, and I was seeing all the wonderful makes – they were happily swept to one side so I could finally attack the stash of denim.


I did a denim dress last year, and it was meant to do a patch work version of a McCalls pattern, but found out not all denims are equal, and matching them was a bit overwhelming, so I made something simpler.  At the same time, I also thought I could make a tonal denim quilt, so I had asked my sister to give any used denims from her family  (which would have been for a textile recycle) to me, so I got a fair bit over the past  2 years.  I also had just made a cute pattern for a cap sleeve top, and upcycled some linen shorts (which are not still waiting to be ‘faced’ as I started sewing this denim in the middle of it all!) – and I also started making a denim dress which I am now just finishing – I really did get distracted by the refashioners, and it was also a great chance to make something from the denim stash.

The denim I used is from a pair of jeans I intended to use last year, so they were already taken apart.  They seem to have a purple rinse and did not really ‘go’ with much else, the shade has great depth.

The sew for both was straightforward, and neither need closures as its a boat neck.  The neckline and arm holes are finished with some bias tape.  I have quite a few sleeveless tops but liked the idea of a small cap sleeve so my arms would not feel bare, and I could wear a tee shirt underneath!


The darts give it some shaping at waist – and worn here as double denim….. I have not tried it on with much other stuff yet, I think it should work well with culottes or gauchos?

8 thoughts on “lots of plans but I changed them – first denim refashion

  1. wrong doll says:

    I had to look gauchos up! I really love this on you Eimear – clean lines, understated, lovely design and shape and in my favourite denim. As always I admire your approach and your thoughtful re-fashion. I’d write more but I’m feeling too sorry for myself – holed up in bed with a gum infection on antibiotics on my sewing day! Still, it’s given me the chance to catch up what other people are up to, so every cloud. Looks great with the top underneath 🙂

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    • theupsew says:

      Thanks Aimee – so sorry to hear of your gum infection….never nice (and generally expensive). I love this little top and meant to mention the top underneath was a home made tee with sharpie pen and meths from a few years back – its proved a useful top over the while but at the time I was rather disappointed as the Pinterest photos that inspired it, looked a lot better than the results I got!!! I ran up a denim dress as well and this I love love love so its proving a fun project (and even my way gay friend thinks its cool so this has elevated its status as he has exacting standards)!!

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      • wrong doll says:

        Love the image of your way gay friend – I need to see this dress! You are being very productive Eimear – it’s so nice to hear you enthused and passionate about your projects. Keep it up! 🙂

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    • theupsew says:

      Thank you so much, seeing a lot of very inspiring posts and having a great time going thru this stash – a mondrian dress would be so effective. Victoria Beckham did something similar without the grid lines……. and there is certainly enough denim out there.


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