Peppermint bag and Elna Lotus ZZ

I have been doing a few change arounds the last few months, and with all the reviewing, too-ing and fro-ing I ended up buying three new-old sewing machines and selling the novum and brother sewing machines from last year/year before.

I was a bit up to high-doh anyway as we are planning some works on the house and was getting easily distracted.  I also had decided that I did not really use the novum or brother as I don’t really like sewing on them, and then somewhere in this (twisty) logic was the decision to buy a machine I did want to sew on – at this stage I was also having the feeling that whatever about buying vintage dress patterns,  I was really in the big leagues here (and also glad I stopped at three machines, as I was getting carried away).   Anyway I sold my machines locally and some patterns (and a dart board!) and started a bit of a wish list…..

One of the machines I got was this Elna, and got rather suckered into the idea I was buying a design classic.  This one has a zig zag option, and I think from 1968.  Such a cute machine, and it was in great condition.   I decided to sew a small project on the machine to try it out.  ‘The project was making the ‘peppermint bag’ as I will be showing others how to make it in next weeks workshop.

Its really gorgeous, has a lovely motor sound and so beautifully put together.  Its only as  I was sewing on it I appreciated it more.  All the levers work as you would expect and the tension is preset and quite perfect.  I kept checking the stitch on a white bit of fabric as it was so tidy.  Its a bit heavier than I expected, not quite what you can put in your handbag, but it is incredibly compact and has the novelty/convenience of the accessory tray (there were 2 pieces missing -seam ripper and oil tube- so I filled them with my own seam ripper and a chalk pencil).    It is not the fastest but fairly nifty all the same , but it does sew so well, I kept admiring the stitch, really beautifully balanced.

The peppermint bag went together well – cute pattern and got to use up some liberty pieces I had been hoarding for a while, as well as some of the wool gabardine from the christmas dress….

Peppermint Bag

And just to illustrate how small this sewing machine is ….

It also came with a mystery tin and curious and all as I was about the machine, I was dying to see the contents of the tin (machine was bought on ebay).   Not sure what some are for but did justify the machine purchase in part by the pack of  singer machine needles which was tucked in there as well!  I have put the little black dust brush on the shelf ready for work (its a good brush) so forgot to put it in the other photo.

The plastic box is half the workings of a stitch marker of sorts, there is a single turn foot, zipper foot but not sure if the other is an embroidery foot – any clues on the black screw end? Its the thing-a-majig in-between the gold thread and small screwdriver!

12 thoughts on “Peppermint bag and Elna Lotus ZZ

  1. Rude Record says:

    I have two of these little Lotus sewing machines. One was rescued from landfill fate and the other was given to me. Love your cloth bag and it’s fabric pattern. Confused by what you mean – black screw end? RUDE Girl x

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    • upsew says:

      Hi Karin, cant believe these wonderful machines – the stitch is really perfect. the black screw end (its not clear in photo ) is a thing in the tin – its a long piece of metal with a screw end (beside the small screwdriver) and I dont know what its for, I am not sure on the foot that looks like an embroidery foot either – I really should have taken the photo of them on their own, its still fascinating to get someone elses bits’n’bobs tin, now I have 2 spools of that weird gold thread – I never figured a proper use for my own spool of it from 10 years ago!!!

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  2. sewing40damgate says:

    I love this post! Elna are such good machines – I remember them from the 70s – highly desirable and lovely engineering. And as you say – the bits and bobs – are fascinating. Hope you do similar posts on the other machines you have – I feel I’m waiting for the next instalment. Is there a museum of sewing anywhere? If not it’s long overdue!

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  3. upsew says:

    Thank you so much – your post on your sorting your own sewing room rather inspired me to tidy up the awful corner in my own room, and which in turn had me reviewing what was actually in the room! I am working away on the pfaff (1967) currently getting a feel for it and its great but the stitch on the elna has a nicer feel. I was surprised by this. The elna feed is excellent also and I am rather fearful if I was to look at another old machine, it would be an elna, but as these machines are generally about 100euro or less I seem to justify it as I am clicking ‘buy now’ – anyway I really have enough for now!


  4. wrong doll says:

    I have poured over each one of these pictures – what a fantastic find Eimear. I’m not surprised you weren’t able to leave this one behind. I love the top compartment and the bits and bobs. And it’s soo compact. An absolute beauty 💚

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    • upsew says:

      Thanks Aimee – its a really lovely machine, I was half going to bring it to the workshop next week as there are not enough machines but I am far too precious yet! I did get to do a re-jig of my work-room with all the sewing machine maneuvers, so feeling rather organised and managed to get some nice bits made…. We are supposed to be going to Leeds for a short break next month (I don’t suppose you have heard/know of any lovely fabric shops? or ones worth visiting?)

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      • wrong doll says:

        You clearly need to spend a bit more time with your new steed before you offer her up to others 🙂 I haven’t been fabric shopping in Leeds… Only Manchester in Abakhan. But have a look at the website The Fold Line, as they have details about fabric shops all over the country and you could ask for advice in their online chat forums too 🙂

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      • upsew says:

        thank you very much, just had a look at the fold line and its perfect…..we are also going to York and it looks like one of the shop sells vintage sewing machines so lord only knows what I could get at this rate!!


    • upsew says:

      Thanks Linda- I had looked up as much information before hand but could not get my head around how small it would be and was hoping it did not look dinky (i have not seen a singer featherweight either) and while its small it is packed full of gears etc. It nearly weighs as much as the other machines! I know it will be in regular use as its a joy to sew on

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      • Linda of Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!! says:

        I have a Singer Featherweight, but I don’t have neither it nor a ruler with me right now to measure. But I think your machine might be “one size up” from my Featherweight. I blogged about it last summer, I think. The sun was shining in the photos anyway! Your’s looks like a cute, but wonderful machine! Just lovely!

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      • upsew says:

        I remember reading that – as I was well impressed with your spool pin! would love to see one of these machines in action – and originally when I decided to buy some new/old machines I was thinking 99 or 201 or featherweight and like all good plans – they changed! (featherweight prices were also a bit out of my league!)


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