so many plans – so many patterns

It is also technically still winter  (Met Eireann/our weather board class December January and February as winter in Ireland) so I also see it as a time of semi-hibernation and taking it easy – January is definitely my tiredest month, probably because if also feels like the darkest one.

So rather than try and make a tonne of stuff (as if) I figured it would be a lot more productive to get all my favourite patterns that I actually own (as opposed to covet on etsy) and make a top ten to sew for the year from comfort of the sofa. So gathered em up, and then whittled down to a few that I have clothes that could be remade this year. (I do also have plans for a few self drafted ones too).

And the top picks werevogue 1

I am not too sure if I will get a make with this one. I love this era of Vogue illustration, and had been thinking of a high neck blouse as an alternative to polo necks. I also have a flimsy chiffon ‘play suit’ which may work if I try a sleeveless version of this? otherwise I am sure there a few other contenders I can try.


The hollywood pattern I have a long time. I was full sure I was going to make it straight away when I got it, but no….it has languished. The main attraction was that the top uses little fabric, and I have some of my ‘precious’ silks that can get used here.

vogue 2The Vogue blouse I got before  Christmas. I was also given this stripe skirt by a friend, I am not too sure if I will make the sleeved version from the stripes, so I am also thinking of maybe a plain colour ……..vogue sybi

Sybil Connolly blouse, I have wanted to make a Sybil Connolly pattern sometime. I am a bit fascinated by her (especially after seeing her tweed patchwork full length 1950s skirt) so I am trying this blouse as I have an odd polka dot dress which I have not got a clue what to do with.

coats and jkt

Style Arc – Katherine Daze made this coat, and when I saw her coat I thought the ‘Jimmy Hourihan’ coat I had waiting could be used. I really have not a clue if it will work as I took the coat apart ages ago and its folded away…..

Vogue Moto Jacket – I thought some wool mens jackets could be upcycled with this one.

Simplicity Coat Pattern – I have a navy wool coat which is waiting a long time, and it has similar lines.


Style Arc Shirt – I only picked up this pattern to save on some postage when I bought the other. I have some cream silk shirts to re-cut, and thought to use them here, and a chance to use up more of the squirreled away silks

vogue 3

I hope to try this vogue pattern with a taffeta bridesmaid dress I was given


I also have a charity shop wedding silk suit…….Its amazing the amount of flouncy-fancy-only worn-once-pieces that are in the charity shops, and I thought this Advance pattern could work here.


The one I am working on (slowly) at the moment is this cute top- The pattern was a gifted trace that I have been meaning to make up for ages. I got this raw silk bridesmaid skirt (I assume) last month. I adored the colour and was rather impressed with the amount of bias in the fish-tail skirt, perfect for the collar.

I have a few more self drafted patterns to test out and share….but for the moment, I am in no rush!

It has been a good way of getting a plan going for the year, as I got to tidy away the pieces and patterns I won’t be working on and have the ones I will work on to the fore….

And I also got to fold my stash of charity shop buys….(a good start is half the job)

sew cupboard


12 thoughts on “so many plans – so many patterns

  1. Rude Record says:

    Hi Eimear, I loved looking at your patterns. Such classical designs that will never date. And always good to have a peek into the stash cupboard of another, to validate that I am not alone rescuing good fabric. RUDE Girl x

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    • upsew says:

      Thanks Karen, I have to pull everything out now and then and refold – although I generally know whats there, but I feel better if its in order. There is a gorgeous tweed skirt to the front which is going to be an Anna Sui dress (again) but cannot make it for the moment- and like you, impossible not to rescue the good stuff. I am looking forward to a few of these patterns as they have been on a wish list for a long time……

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  2. Eliz~ says:

    I set mine out too…………….and then I get side tracked so easily! So now I keep everything folded, and pull out a project on a whim! LOL! Now to stop accepting used things with plans to re-cycle! I have a mini hoard of projects now!

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    • upsew says:

      Makes such a difference to have the ‘kinda’ plan – I get distracted far too easy – like a magpie with shiny things! The bridesmaid dress I did get given and I know at the time I thought ‘good grief – taffeta’ but then people hold onto these things as they cost so much and yet they really are occasional projects. I am hoping the skirt combo has the right amount of fabric… of luck with your hoard!

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  3. SJ Kurtz says:

    Oh! “A good start is half the job” is such good thinking. I have a stack of yardage thrifty 50s Vogue blouses that I make from time to time. I have yet to land on the ‘ONE’ but they take so little, and I have so many worn out bedsheets, it’s more of a hobby than a process. I love the thinking in them, and yours are pretty sweet.

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    • upsew says:

      The quirks in the cut of the vintage pattern are so very appealing – I am so curious about that vogue top with the boat neck and still trying to figure a nice fabric for those full sleeves….. I dont think I will find enough in a recut, although I think I might in a tablecloth I have! better finish my green blouse first!

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  4. Cate says:

    I tend to hibernate in January and can never quite find the effort to get up and actually do some sewing. I’ve just accepted it this year, and have enjoyed the nice break, but last year I was terrified I’d lost my sewing mojo for good!

    There’s some really lovely patterns here. I particularly love the late 60s/early 70s one at the very top and the 1940s separates underneath. The 1950s tops are always a winner. I have a few 1950s blouse patterns and they’re great staples to use as a starting point for other designs too. I’m looking forward to seeing your makes. xx

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    • upsew says:

      Thanks Cate, I think taking the break is a good idea, and I am definitely feeling a lot more alive again now the days are getting longer – hoping to get the vogue blouse done soon, in my musings and plannings I forgot I had some black close weave left over fabric which if I have enough…… should be perfect!

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  5. Mary says:

    Hello Eimear! I have long visited your blog and admired your clever refashions. Like you, I am a huge fan of the $1 rail at my favorite thrift shop. Since I am quite tall I need larger garments to start from but I get there. These thrifty 50’s patterns you are showing as well as the Style Arc patterns are great inspiration for me. I just thrifted a man’s Harris tweed jacket so am looking for ideas beyond a handbag. A moto jacket seems like a great use of the Harris tweed so thanks for the inspiration.

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    • upsew says:

      Thanks Mary – that Harris tweed jacket sounds gorgeous, some fabrics are so worth it and tweed will always be one for me. The best of luck with your make….I hope there is enough in your jacket but at least with tweed it lends itself to a bit of mixing. Dont know when I will get to my moto, but I have started the vogue blouse and rather pleased so far


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