profile fashion revolution 2019My name is Eimear and I live in Galway in the west of Ireland.

I have been sewing a long time, I learned how to hand sew in primary school and when I was 14 had to figure out how to use the sewing machine during ‘study’ period in boarding school as I had barely paid attention during class! I managed to figure it out and in the diy culture of teenage 1980s was happily making dresses from old sheets, and ruining the saucepans at home with dylon experiments.    I did an apprenticeship as a pattern cutter after school and went on to art college, with full intention of completing a degree in fashion design but I did a degree in Fine Art instead.

I enjoy the process of sewing and making, and by starting this blog, I got to read other sewing blogs, and other peoples sewing stories. They are so inspiring, and remind me how empowering the act of making is. From the meditative practice of mending (or the subversive act of repairing depending on your view point!) to dealing with body issues and making clothes that fit the person not just the body. Your own me-made clothes will always be the best to wear.

Another reason I like sewing- I saw it as a symbol for independence for women – at least for the first half of the twentieth century, when women could make their own income from taking in sewing, and also cloth themselves and their family. Now I see sewing your own clothes as something that can slow down fast fashion, and show how fast fashion is not good for the planet, for the the people who work in the production of these clothes, and not good enough for us the consumer who are being duped into constantly buying more.

So when I saw some wool coats reduced to 2euro in a charity shop in 2014, it was my wake-up call. How could good quality fabric be discarded like this.? Truth was it was the wrong cut and the charity shop had far too many clothes and had to discount to sell them. I figured for 2euro I could take a chance and recut the coat to see if I could make it wearable and I have been upsewing since.

Since starting my ‘pet project’, my wardrobe has become more me-made and infinitely more wearable and more me. I have also been developing simple patterns which can be downloaded for free for anyone else who would like to try them.

Thank you for dropping by