winter wardrobe planning

I love reading other bloggers sewing plans – its most inspiring, and incredibly motivating.  

I am rather pleased my sewing so far, and the planned makes are to link back to my winter footwear, as these are what I wear the most, and so far, its all working out – so much so, I hope I am not speaking too soon.  One coat, one skirt, one well worn poncho/shrug, and one dress later……and everything seems to be coordinating.  This year seems easier to plan my makes, as I am a bit more sure of what I like (simple lines, block colours) and the limitations of the remakes (a size 10 will never make a size 12).

so for the next few weeks the plan is

To finish a sweater, (to match the grey skirt) – crocheting from a thrifted sweater
which should work well with a grey wool pair of trousers, yet to be re-cut (bit nervous of this one).  It should be a long sleeve raglan, but I am now thinking the ‘back loop only’ dc/tc looks very plain, and am thinking of changing the stitch.

The denim dress has been worn lots, works well with the base-layer from last year, and works well with my new coat, (for which I am still making the detachable hood).

some blouses, I have to remake a few, and they are silk so they should be super warm.  still fiddling around with what type of blouse, as I don’t really wear blouses, but the silk blouses I am remaking, were a euro each.  some sweaters, and strangely enough, I have picked up a lot of yellow which may not go with the emerging grey hair…. but we will see.  And another skirt from some tweed.  As always, these are sketchy plans, and generally need to be tweaked.

and to make something to match this suede skirt picked up for a fiver (I am not too sure what I was thinking, I am not even sure I am really going to wear it….. but if I make something for it, then there is every chance I will – in the back of my mind I was thinking handbags to justify getting it).  There are some coats waiting in the wings – including this one for 2euro! (seriously still can never believe that these end up being reduced to that).

Last years black skirt and purple dress are proving to be perennials,.  I am now finding I so prefer wearing my me-makes, ….. , most likely a combination of having the clothes I want to wear and unashamedly saying ‘ya I made it myself’ whenever its complimented (as I figure its easier to run the risk of receiving more compliments than getting requests to do alterations).