Simplicity 8203 – trousers to tennis dress

simplicity 8203 trousers to tennis dress

The athena poster dress was auctioned earlier this year and got 15k!  It well exceeded the guide price and the back story is a good read.  Its a home-made dress and is from a simplicity pattern (is supposed to be from Simplicity 8203).  I like square necklines,  and decided to give it a go.  The pattern allows for 3 dress lengths and also has a pattern of kick pants/tap pants/hot pants for underneath.  Its a good option obviously for wearing dress at the shortest length (unless you are having an athena moment of course),  

I was able to cut the short length from a pair of linen trousers and would have been able to get the mid length also.  I lined the dress in white cotton and used bias binding to finish the arm holes and some binding for the neckline – it may have been a nicer effect to have just bound both in white, and having a white detailed neck and arm etc instead of turning them over all the way.   Its a straight-forward pattern, and quickly made up, I intended to put trim on it (part for decoration and then it became compulsory when I did a mis-cut) , but I would have preferred if I could have found the generic daisy trim that seemed to  trim every item of clothing I had as a child but not available in local haberdashery.

simplicity 8203 upcycle and remake trousers to dress

I decided to not finish the trim as overall, I am still undecided on the overall finish so I have pinned it (badly)n for the photo, and will figure a better ‘look’ for it later.  I think it needs some detailing, but unsure yet.   I made the kick-pants, they are very much of their time as they fit right on the waist – but they could also be adapted to sit lower.   The big achievement for me, was to get a dress cut from a pair of trousers.   Cute pattern – and thinking of making some other versions………………………

The Boat Neck Top – Trousers to Top

boat neck blouse upcycle trousers to top
I bought a skirt in a charity shop as I figured the print was fun and the lining had a good deal of fabric, but the skirt also fitted me and was incredibly comfortable (thanks to useful pockets), so it escaped the chop.  

I did need a blouse or  top to go with it as tee shirts and camis just looked a bit odd and as it had a vintage 50s style to it,  I thought a linen boat neck would work well.  I was a bit lazy and instead of drafting a proper bodice block, I adapted a wiggle dress pattern and then realised the back centre seam does its own thing……. so there were some modifications, actually there were a lot, and I ended up drafting a new bodice block in the end but kept the 4 waist darts (and side bust dart).  The hem finishes at the waist.

The top has a side zipper.  I am really happy with the top as the linen has that soft worn look and the black is now a dusky ink………………..  trousers are a good upcycle option as the cut lends itself to underarm width, and the straight grain is easy to figure – now to work on getting a dress out of them!

boat neck top upcycle linen trousers to top