Butterick 2704 – pillowcase to top

butterick 2704 upcycle pillowcase to blouse

Butterick 2704 -so much in one pattern.  I have made the coat, top, beach dress, and trews (so only skirt, shorts, and jacket to go). 

I saw these 2 pillowcases, and adored the vivid design, what I hadn’t factored, was that the design and grain would not run true to each other, and in order to get the cut from the pillowcase I had to sew the pillowcase halves together and work with what I got, its really only near the hem the design join wavers and it is (I hope) barely visible.  In fairness, this was the only problematic bit, the rest was a breeze.  The top has no fastenings, but a wide neckline, and the hem is just below waist, and is fully lined, so no facings – very cute but needs a lower hemline (or complimentary fabric added on?) if worn with jeans as it is a bit short.

butterick 2704 upcycle pillowcase to blouse

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