scarf to shrug glove

I was to wear the Pauline Coat (now scotch-guarded) and blue dress to a Christmas dinner last week.  The dinner was at a hotel near us (a few minutes walk but longer in high heels).  As the coat sleeves are short, I would need gloves, and as the dress was sleeveless, I would need a shrug or cardigan.  I had planned to wear a black beaded cardigan, but thought this a bit dark (I was wearing nude slingbacks), and then I thought I could adapt this sequined scarf.  The scarf is a lovely shade but it has angora in it so I don’t wear it too much (as I tend to wear scarves well wrapped around my neck, I now know that angora and lip balm don’t really go well together) and the kind of scarf you pick up in the January sales – which is when I think I got this some time back.  

scarf to shrug glove

So I thought I could have a go at making a quick shrug.  I was hand-stitching, and then figured I would be faster on machine so I was a bit naughty (reckless even!) and didn’t change thread, but it does show the stitching line – I have put a very rough drawing below that I did for a friend as she wanted to try it herself. (as she asked more than once ‘but how did you do it’ I figured it was easier to send a diagram which I now hope she can decipher!)
Basically, the scarf its folded in half lengthways, mark the centre back with a pin and then measure out about 22.5 cm each side and mark these with a pin.  I measured the scarf around my hand to get the measurement I needed which was  20 cm( 10cm from fold) The stitching is done at an angle and you can either do machine or hand stitch.

The shrug can be worn as a glove with coat, or tucked back to being a plain shrug when worn without.  The scarf measured 28cmx169cm inch long.   I have not trimmed the inside seams as it may revert to scarf yet.

so handy, can’t believe I didn’t make one of these sooner, and as it wasn’t easy to photograph on mannequin, had to wear it myself (please excuse extra straps!)

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