twi remnant – jean muir jumper dress

jean muir butterick 5784

Generally when I buy fabric, I go to either Murphy Sheehys or TWI fabric wholesalers in Dublin.  TWI is a little bit ‘out of the way’ from the city centre, but it has a great selection, it’s at the rear of a Georgian house in a Georgian square and is a maze of alcoves, corridors, and one large warehouse room of fabric.  There is a huge pile of remnants in the big room and the last time I was there I got three lengths of wool suiting for about 10euro.  This was one of the pieces and measured 60inch x 41inch (please excuse my inch and centimetre changeovers, I sew in inches and pattern draft in centimetres, and measure myself in inches – I think its a result of sewing in school where it was all imperial, and then pattern drafting is more accurate in centimetres).

While this wool is a lovely quality, but rather a sober colour and it has languished in stash for about a year.  I wanted to try this Jean Muir pattern, and got the whole cut from this piece – win win.

The sewing of the pattern was relatively straightforward.  But as usual I steamed ahead without checking instructions fully and top stitched each side of the seam closer to the seam than pattern recommended (1/8inch – pattern 1/4inch)  but I wasn’t going to undo it either.  Part of this current sewing frenzy is for me to cut out my over-the-years-short-cuts (read bad habits), and for the most part I have been a bit more patient in my sewing.  Also, as I have often drafted my own patterns over the years, (again, I have also gotten into some short-cuts here, so I am now drafting a new set of lovely blocks on card….. )  I have also not sewn in a proper sequential manner, which is why I am trying to slow down and read instructions – doesn’t always work.

jean muir butterick 5784

I left dress length and everything else according to the instruction.  The length is good (just above knee), but way different from front of envelope! which shows it much higher.  I love the hemline.  The buttons are very plain, but they are from the button tin (sometimes I think I come from a long line of button collectors…..).  

The dress is not very shaped at waist, and when the belt is put on, it looked a bit like a pulled in sack, so I put two (temporary) tucks at back to control the fabric which did and didn’t work so I undid them.  I am still undecided on the dress, and I think its the shaping, or lack of, but I will wear it over the next few weeks and decide. If all comes to all, I know it has the makings of a good skirt, sometimes I think, the more I sew, the fussier I get!  I know that I started and am now finishing 4 dresses in December, and am surprised at how critical I am of each (although the Trigere one I am finishing now looks like the winner).  One reason I am making these dresses is the main winter dress I had last year is a rtw sweater dress which doesn’t suit my shape, and when I wear it I seemed to be always pulling at it, – but it did suit my favourite winter boots, and I had decided this year not to wear it anymore, and work on something that would suit me and the boots!   

jean muir butterick 5784

The nice thing about the pattern was the simple and effective cut, and while I was doing the dress, I was browsing  the blouse pattern which is now on the to-do list…….  

7 thoughts on “twi remnant – jean muir jumper dress

  1. Eimear Greaney says:

    Thanks Bobbi, yeah, once you get putting aside buttons and bits, its a one way from there – so I always get a sense of achievement when I get to reuse them and a sense of relief when I find a good amount of matching ones………. I really like jumper dresses as they are so practical, and warm, and cute in their own way!


  2. Eimear Greaney says:

    thank you very much – its an incredibly quick sew, and i have always like Jean Muir simple designs- the blouse is now on my 'to do list' (which is also getting shockingly long)……………


  3. wrong doll says:

    Hello there Eimear … I am having a look at the instructions and wanted to pick your brains about the fold over braid that is mentioned for finishing the armholes, front, neck and lower edges. Did you make your own – is it the same as bias binding? I’m nowhere near construction – need to source some suitable fabric first. But I get it out every now and then and have a read of the instructions! I’m having a little sewing siesta which is not like me, but it’s been a busy year and I’m taking stock. Hope you are well.

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  4. theupsew says:

    Hi Aimee, fold over braid is a few things, I think it also refers to twill tape which can be used as bias binding (as its woven on the criss cross), but as I only have white twill here, I used binding for my edges I often buy a few metres at the habadashery at a time so always have it to hand. I sewed the lining and the fabric as one on all the pieces and finished with binding and hemming the binding to the inside (must get some photos for you) a lot of times if I am stuck for fabric, I omit facings and just use bias binding and folded over). Enjoy the siesta, on a demi-siesta here, and notebooking a lot…………..loads of plans and only time will tell which will make it (I am thinking culottes, and I swore last year I wouldnt ever….. so who knows!)

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  5. wrong doll says:

    Thanks for the speedy reply Eimear – I hadn’t even thought of lining it! I’m presuming that’s because you used wool. Unfortunately I’m allergic to wool so I’m thinking I might be able to find a fabric which negates the need for lining skills (uncharted territory as yet!). Absolutely no rush but if you could e-mail me a picture (or Messenger/Whatsapp) of a bound edge on the outside and inside that would be grand. I’m not very good at understanding words – all about the pictures! I like your idea of note-booking. I was feeling a little bereft as I have no big plans in hand but hunkering down and being a bit considered about where I want to go next is a very good idea. Btw, culottes are the only trousers I deign to wear – everything else accentuates parts I don’t want accentuating. I’d like to see what you come up with 🙂


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