red skirt – made from a swatch, a scrap, and santa trousers

Kathy’s swatches are never far from my mind…………well they are in plain sight all the time in the workroom, and I wanted to try a skirt with the embroidered linen pieces ( as in February’s skort, which did not turn out as well as I had hoped due to the differing fabric weights and is most probably heading to become a cushion if I ever get started on the domestic sewing.) The embroidered swatch has a lot of weight and stiffness in it.  

skirt from a swatch

The polyester crepe trousers are not really santa trousers, but as I got them in the charity shop on a euro rail a week before Christmas, all I could think when I saw them was Santa pants.  The fit of them and cut is lovely, but I think the colour as trousers could be a challenge for some, me included.  The weight of the fabric is good and seems to fall well so I figured it should work with the linen.  The trousers had a strong crease, and I ironed/pressed it flat using a 50:50 vinegar water spitz.

The ever versatile vogue pattern 7776 was brought out again – the back panels were cut from the back of trousers (pattern placed ‘up side down’ so side flare of skirt was going towards the crotch.  I had to make an educated guess on the grain as the crepe was not going to rip correctly, so I chalked a line and laid the centre back line on this.

I sewed the front panels together before cutting the front as I wanted the front darts to be in the crepe, not the linen piece.  The front darts panel was cut from trouser end piece, and cut on the ‘cross grain’. I thought the crepe and linen mix was a bit flat, so I had a scrap of embroidered raw silk I put at the end.  I had toyed with including it on the back skirt but didn’t,  I pinned some across, and it seemed to be the same difference whether I did or not, so I used it to face the hem on the back of the skirt instead.  I put the skirt together to make sure it hung correctly, and then I top stitched, added zip, hemmed, and then made the facing and lining attached.    The lining is from another skirt.  Whenever I take pieces apart, the linings are put into a bag and I can take them as I need them, and the left over reds….. they will make a handy addition to the planned patchwork!

Overall, the skirt has turned out perfect, the back hem is basted and I will let it hang for a few days.  The weather here is still very cold so it will not get out for a few weeks yet!

2 thoughts on “red skirt – made from a swatch, a scrap, and santa trousers

  1. Eimear Greaney says:

    aw, thanks Lynn, wish I was that genius-y (as sometimes I think I am a bit conservative), but I really enjoy prolonging the life out of fabrics and making a wardrobe for myself in the colours and cut I like in the process, what started as a whim last year has turned out to be a lot more productive than I thought! (and incredibly addictive!)


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