simplicity 2120 -summer top from pillowcase, needs, wants and must makes

My sewing this last few weeks has been a bit chaotic  We are getting some building work done (windows, and external wall fixes).  We bought an old terraced house 2 years ago and are doing chunks of it over time, so huge heavy blanket lined curtains were taken down, some blinds made and still dust everywhere. I don’t like or loathe making blinds, but as I can sew, I feel obliged to make my own, and luckily found some curtain fabric in the charity shop that suited perfectly, and while I was there, I saw this pillowcase.  

simplicity 2120 - pillowcase to top

I wanted to try out the simplicity pattern for a while, and have in mind to remake a yellow silk top, but cannot decide on sleeves or not, and thought I would try it first with the pillowcase.  There was not enough fabric, but I figured I could add some white fabric for facings.  Then, I thought some blue trim could make it less patched up, and put that in the mix,  The lace trim was a bit fiddly, but the sewing straightforward. 

simplicity 2120 - pillowcase to top

simplicity 2120 - pillowcase to top

I cut as much of the bodice as I could from the pillowcase, and  I put the trim and a strip of white fabric at the hem line, and I put a block of fabric at the neckline.  I relaid the pattern again, and shaped the armholes and neckline then marked in the darts and tucks and went from there. 

The summer has been slow to start here, so although I started this top 3 weeks ago, I only put a zip in yesterday!  Temperatures are on the rise and it feels like the weather is not fully committing to summer yet, so I have not got a chance to wear it outside yet…..and  I am looking forward to wearing it.  The only thing I think could be changed, is to raise the waistline a half inch.  I am high-waisted and think it sits a bit low, but then on the other hand, maybe it looks more casual like this? wearing it for a day will be the only way to find out..  The tucks also give it a nice casual look….and equally the tucks will be easy to move up a quarter inch, and the pattern has the back yoke higher than the front, so in profile it looks uneven, and when I make this again, I will put these at the same level.

simplicity 2120 - pillowcase to top

Other than that, I am planning the next bits of sewing, and they are broadly:- needs, wants, and musts..

The ‘need’ is to make some pyjamas, the ones I have are coming beyond redemption and my pjs tend to be old tees and leggings and they are even bit worn out by the time they become jim-jams,  so I am thinking of making some nice (and some swanky) ones in the next while, this in part came about due to my fixation on 1930s beach pyjamas that featured on the we sew retro facebook post in February.

The ‘want’ is a pair of blue trousers (ankle grazers) for the summer as ultimately I find I wear jeans or trousers more than skirts, and I have one pair of very faded black ones, so hoping to make a blue pair (a match for the pillow top).  I am assuming we will get some fine weather, as I am also planning a shibori summer dress!

And the ‘must’ is to make an irish dancing costume.  The promise I made my niece last year to make a solo dress is on and so is the pressure.  I am trawling pinterest for ideas, so my feed is now a mix of demure vintage and OTT irish dance dresses (its a case of more is more in that world).  I have made a bodice to check her measurements, and hopefully we can pin down some ideas as I think the deadline is September………………

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