Happy Christmas – with or without christmas jumper……

The Christmas jumper just wasn’t going to happen – so I have decided to frog it.  Its a pity as the stitch finally worked out for a raglan, but its too bulky.  I may try the stitch again in the new year. 

 Meanwhile, I am thinking of making a swink , which has a knitted collar and cuff, and seeing as I just learned to knit a few weeks ago at the sew social.  My first knitting is below and the dropped stitches are where I was attempting purls…… and when I cast off I used a crochet hook.  Currently I am practicing some knitting before I start the sweater to make sure I can knit, as I am still unsure as what to do with dropped stitches and I certainly don’t understand the book instruction! The second swatch is my second practice.  Half way up, I decided to try seed stitch and I am not sure what I did wrong yet, but I had to unravel that row and start some plains and purls to get used to knitting and to be able to recognise the stitch (still all looking the same to me!)

I started on another up-sew, of an old cardigan.  Its a primark from some years ago, and I used wear it in the summer, its incredibly thin, and has limited life left in it but I really like the colour, and remaking will extend the wearing of it.   I have to stitch down the neckline, and fix the hem yet.  It will be a rather light sweater.  I had to make the front from three pieces as taking the pockets off made some holes, and the ribbed panel at the front of the cardigan became the centre back of the back and the side panel in the front!  I used a basic jersey block and left the sleeve seam intact and just reattached the sleeve at the armhole.


I did manage to get my cards made and printed in time for international post dates.  When I used make my own cards first, I used make a lino or etched plate and print on the press (one year I even printed wrapping paper!), but in the last few years, I found the best cards were also the quick doodles/sketches I did in my notebook and since then, I do a drawing, scan and print…………..

my favourite card done in the last few years is still this one….. (I  finished it in photoshop and I should have done it by hand) it reminds me of the ee cummings poem, I carry your heart in my heart

Merry Happy Christmas!

6 thoughts on “Happy Christmas – with or without christmas jumper……

  1. Lynn says:

    I love the color of your up sew cardigan–hope it works out! And a lesson in international English. Never before have I heard the term to “frog it.” I might try it out here in California. Happy New Year!


  2. Eimear Greaney says:

    thank you Lynn. I always assumed that'frog it' was an american word as its the term thats used on the ravelry website! now i am really flummoxed at its origin. wishing you a very happy Christmas, and the very best for 2016


  3. Linda Wilson says:

    I followed your swink link, and that looks way to complicated, I can knit, but to my granny's dismay I could never get to grips with crochet – ever! Your primark revamp is looking great. Your illustrations are beautiful. Again, Happy Hols!


  4. Eimear Greaney says:

    thank you Linda – I am hoping my knitting works out….. but if all fails I will get my knitting crocheting sis on the case. crochet is rather easy (to me) once i was taught how to hold the yarn correctly. I am hoping to try a variation of one of your tops soon – once i form an orderly 'to do' queue. enjoy the festivities.


  5. wrongdoll says:

    Frog it – love it 🙂 And you've illuminated me with the Swink! It's a constant education. I really adore your favourite greeting card and the sentiment it invokes. You have a real talent Eimear – I look forward to following your adventures in 2016.


  6. Eimear Greaney says:

    my knitting is still a bit hit and miss, Aimee, but i better start on the crochet part..Hope you had a lovely christmas, and that your birthday being so close to christmas was extended by christmas rather than overshadowed…wishing you the very best for 2016..


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