a summer jacket (from a euro coat)

coat upcycle simplicity 5256We went for a midsummer picnic this year.  It was rather brave as it was well wet and very windy.  Some years ago a group of us went one amazing midsummer picnic in the Burren (Limestone hills in neighbouring county) and it was a spectacular sunset, and every year since we have tried to do one (and each time it doesn’t come off).  This year we made it a definite, and decided to go to a lovely beach and cliff nearby.  And I wore my ten-year-old-2-sizes-too-big windcheater.  Which I have had for years and its awful.  Its mank.  Fine for walking woods and doing firewood, but really……I decided that night I was not going to go to next years midsummer in that jacket.

Two weeks later, there are coats on the euro rail, I bought 3 (which means I now have 5 coats to upcycle…no pressure).  I had great plans for this green coat, but in the end went for a simple make using Simplicity 5256 as one or two small holes appeared in the fabric when the 80s detailing was removed.  The worst hole was a few inches up the sleeve, and I decided while sewing that to sew an obvious patch, which could look like a deliberate  detail (and I am sticking to this).


There were no darts, so I ‘graded’ the pattern by tracing it without seam allowance (how technical is that!).    The only concessions I had to make, were the sleeves had to have a seam down the centre, and the hood has a small insert in the back.  The sew was straight-forward, and the only changes are that the pockets are side opening, and I did originally put them in -wrong….   I was going to reuse the strange lining (and padding) but didn’t (I thought it would be ironic, but luckily there was insufficient fabric), so I used some green lining from the lining scrap bag for hood and sleeves, and left over check lining for the main.  I had hoped and thought I may re-use some of the epaulets etc but it was beginning to feel a bit fiddly and was simpler to leave as it was.    Its turned into a useful jacket – very pleased with it, as it will also serve as a working model for the next coat to jacket remake!



12 thoughts on “a summer jacket (from a euro coat)

    • theupsew says:

      Thanks Aimee – the first picnic was so dreamy – and very random as it was only roughly planned on the day, and each subsequent midsummer we all say….must do it again….. and each midsummer the weather has been dreadful! however, despite the weather this year, our picnic (after the walk on the a small sea cliff), was in a concrete shelter on the beach and it was lovely.

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    • theupsew says:

      Thank you very much…. the jacket has been worn a lot since I made it (well realistically it was that or the manky pink one) and it seems to mix well with all my me-makes. I have another coat here to re-make so think I will try it a bit longer, and with a tab (or what ever its called) over zip, but as this jacket is working out…..the pressure is off

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    • theupsew says:

      yup, all about the practicalities here…..especially as I am still not buying any new clothes so unlikely to get a jacket I like otherwise…….. and I am still mainly buying from the euro rail…. crazy the volume of stuff in it. I have also started to volunteer in a sewing room which is run by the charity shop – which should be fun! Its from next monday….I will keep you posted!

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      • Linda Wilson says:

        Great fun and keep an eagle eye open for first choice of donations. All of the vintage fabric I have got recently, and some of the buttons are from the Remakery. They just want rid of it and since it’s already priced I can get look throughit all and choose. Although recently I think they’re limiting the intake to upholstery fabric only 😦

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      • theupsew says:

        Ha – it seems they divert the fabric donations to the sew room! (which explains why I have not seen any fabric ends there in a while!) would love to get my mitts on some vintage prints!

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