Bianca 1 and Bianca 2 – skirt and shirt upcycle

I have been sewing a lot, and blogging less.  Some of my sewing has really been going in circles – normally I like to make something, finish and move on to the next but the last few months I have been sewing a few things at the same time, and dawdling on the finish.  Bianca making

I started these Bianca’s ages ago.  I used the Wear Lemonade Free Bianca pattern and thought it would be a cute update for this ‘blackwatch’ plaid skirt, which ultimately I think it is.  I cut the plaid as usual for the main body, but had not enough to plaid match sleeves fully so I only matched them on the cross grain.  Personally I don’t mind this as it looks even.  I did not like the Bianca collar and perhaps its because I don’t wear shirts (?) but eitherway I tried doing a more casual collar with notches.  I still think the collar is too tight but other than that its a sweet blouse.

bianca finish


At the same time, I decided I really needed a white blouse with peter pan collar so I upcycled a white shirt to make this.  To add a bit of interest I tried out a lot of the decorative stitches in the machine in a grey thread.  I have yet to put a button and loop close at the back but at least they are both now FINISHED!

white bianca shirt upcycle


4 thoughts on “Bianca 1 and Bianca 2 – skirt and shirt upcycle

    • upsew says:

      I always blame this time of year – or really that time of year that has just gone as the light is so very weak! I was also trying to do a clean out as we are supposed to be getting some work done on house and I have not got a clue how I managed to accumulate so many vintage patterns (and yet I have but a few by comparison to the true devotees!)

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  1. Cate says:

    Oh these are great! I particularly like the tartan one, but then I am a sucker for contrasting white collar and cuffs against dark fabric. I’m struggling with my sewing at the moment, I seem to have lost my sewing mojo. I know it’ll come back but it’s frustrating nonetheless as I have pretty dresses I want to make 🙂 xx

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    • upsew says:

      Thank you very much, I prefer the tartan one in that its 50% wool and machine washable so can see it working very well next winter. My sew-jo gone right random – but I also know if I start cutting out fabric and I am anyway distracted – mistakes or regrets are inevitable……I am crocheting for a bit for now – which I find slows me down – and I was rather inspired by your beautiful crochet top recently (I am using a 2.5hook!)


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