five minute frock and blinged bag

The frock and the bag are not a set, and the only thing they have in common was that I rushed them off before my 5 day work week routine began.  I was a bit frantic trying to ‘finish’ projects before part time work status ended, and I got these two out of the way.


The five minute frock was pretty much that! I had found a wallis maxi polyester skirt on the reduced rail (€1) in the charity shop and picked it up with the intent of maybe making another skirt, for the new job.  Some days later I wondered if I cut armholes in it would it make a dress? I did and it was.  I wore it for the day to see if it was comfortable to wear – it was – so shaped the armhole cuts to curves and hemmed them, and sewed down the elastic waistband which gives a slight structured boat-neck collar.  It also can technically be converted back to a maxi skirt later …..should it be needed!



The blinged bag was a whim.  I had picked the bag up for €3 in a reduced bin.  I figure it was reduced as the lining was shredded and the bag, while being a functional black, was also a vinyl bag.  I had been rather inspired by Kate’s cross stitching (at our knitty-stitchy group that meet up in Carrolls pub, Dominick St Wednesdays if anyone is in Galway and wants to pop in!) and Lulu Guinness Handbags when I planned this bag.  What I had not realised is that Kate makes cross stitch look easy, which it is not.  I had trialed a few cross stitch hearts and they were disastrous… resorted to a few hours on the embroidery machine and did this one!


I used a screwdriver to loosen the bag, and made a new lining.  I then embroidered the vinyl, and then got the gutterman glue, put it together again and hoped I did it right.  I get a bit frantic towards the end of fixing the bag into the clasp again as i am always convinced it will fall out or I will have missed a bit, but this is the second one ever I have done and both have been fine.


The motif I downloaded for free (and edited it to make the single smaller hearts) and when I find the link I used, I will post it here!




10 thoughts on “five minute frock and blinged bag

  1. Eliz~ says:

    I had a bag like that in Jr High. The strap broke so my mother cut it off and said “now it’s a clutch!” I was so angry!
    Beautiful job!
    And I’d never have thought a dress from that skirt- it’s adorable!

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    • upsew says:

      O no – I can just imagine – you must have been reeling in shock (I never really got clutches as they always seem to be a chore in themselves). rather pleased with how the skirt works, and its part of my daily workwear now as its so easy to wear.


  2. Rebecca says:

    Did you stitch right through the leather? I’ve been thinking of doing that to my black leather bag but nervous to make the first hole. (I don’t own a sewing machine- just do tiny bits of sewing by hand here and there)

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    • upsew says:

      Its vinyl Rebecca, so it stitched through fine and its a rather spongy vinyl so it seemed to recover well even after I unpicked the cross stitch. ( I would have been cautious too with leather) I also had the idea to cross stitch fabric and then sew it on but ultimately my cross stitch was rather ropey looking. I did find a leather sewing needle (a glove needle I think its also called) in my sewing box, and was using that and it was so sharp, perhaps that would work?


    • upsew says:

      Thanks Karen – I was so pleased with it and still am -its so comfortable and effortless to wear, It drapes so nicely too. I have been wearing it pretty much ever since! The boatneck waistband also stands up and a bit away and tends to go slightly asymmetrical which I think looks way-arty!

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