pinafore pattern – cut from palazzos

I have been trying for a while to make an easy pattern for upcycling linen trousers. The trousers do make great shift dresses and cute tops (and I will be sharing patterns on these later – but I really wanted to make a pattern that was ‘an easy sew’. My first sews as a teen were this style of sew, and quick and done in a day!

pinafore dress (24)

I also get rather bothered by good quality items like wide leg linen pants,  left on a reduced rail, all because they are not the fashion – it just seems so wasteful. I don’t know if this dress is ‘the fashion’ but its a useful tunic dress, has pockets (bonus) and requires little sewing. It also uses up much of the fabric in the trousers so not bad for one euro. there are not darts and no zips so I also thought it a useful beginners pattern (I don’t think there is a need of buttons/buttonholes as I got this over my head without)

Interestingly I was in Ennis last Saturday week and popped into one or two charity shops. I nipped into the NCBI, and spied some coats. I tried (and bought) one and was talking to one of the ladies who worked there and mentioned I recut clothes. Of course in my evangelical way, I said if she wanted I would send her a link to the patterns. I tried to explain them, and said how one was how to make a dress from a pair of wide leg linen pants, as I keep seeing them unsold in the charity shops. She fully agreed (maybe she was being polite?) – eitherway, she got sent these links and I do hope they get passed around!

I put the sweater blocks up on craftsy also.  They are all just in size 12/medium as this is my general size. I do intend in time to grade them, but currently am more intent on drafting a more patterns for sharing!

The craftsy link to the patterns is here.


6 thoughts on “pinafore pattern – cut from palazzos

  1. Eliz~ says:

    I think many people want to create new beauty from old! But you truly have an exceptional gift for it that doesn’t come as easily to everyone. I’m sure her heart is in it.(the woman at the shop) But like me she may find it more challenging to produce it herself! I wish I shared your creative eye! I’m so glad you share your beautiful upsews with everyone! Thank You!

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    • upsew says:

      Ah thank you – I don’t know if its a gift but I do enjoy the challenge of trying to make good some of these discarded fabrics. It genuinely is an easy sew, -at least I hope it is, I originally hoped to make it from denim but could not get the leg width… working on a different one for denim now tho!


  2. wrong doll says:

    You definitely do have a gift Eimear – you have totally found your niche and it’s inspirational. I hopped over to Craftsy – what a generous gift to share your skills with others. I’ve said it before – how I wish I lived near you so I could learn from you face to face :). The pinafore dresses are absolutely dreamy – what a fabulous upcycle idea X

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    • upsew says:

      Thanks Aimee – this dress is a handy sew, I really wish I had more time to work on a denim idea, as whatever about drawing out the ideas, its not until they are sewn that they work or don’t. Hope you are escaping the colder weather in Sheffield, its slightly freezing here and then slightly not….glad the days are getting longer


    • upsew says:

      Thank you so very much, I am on a bit of a roll, as I have now got it into my head to make up a set of patterns specific to a piece of clothing – next up is either jeans or mens trousers….(although technically the next project is to finish a blouse which is cut on the table ……)


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