Hannah Dress

I changed jobs recently, going from a five day week to four day week. I was thrilled when the opportunity for change came and while working out my notice, I went a bit crazy buying patterns. The reasons being:

1-I would have more sewing time

2-I ‘needed’ new clothes for my new job

3-I was taking a pay cut by the job change and may not be able to justify buying patterns again for ages and ages (as if….)

So amongst the buys – I bought this 1930s dress pattern after seeing EM Originals make (facebook link here), I got the simplicity dungaree pattern on a whim, I got the Donna Karan dress pattern after seeing Jasika Nicoles make. I really am unsure if I am really going to get to make and wear these, but may yet all the same.



I also got the hannah dress pattern from Victory Patterns. I had an idea I could make this from upcycling linen trousers but when the pattern was opened up, I realised it would not work out as straight forward as that. I did have some left over white linen and some blue linen (from Ikea, it was supposed to be a made to a roman blind) and made it from there.



Its a very interesting pattern and quirky dress. I had a hannah dress post from Feature Zip saved for some time and decided to add 2 inches to the length after reading that. I used the multi size to grade out to the larger at my hips. The sew was pretty straightforward, and I was glad I added the 2 inches to the length as it is a better length for me. The placket instruction is really good and very useful, although if I was sewing thicker fabric, I would have done the placket in 2 parts rather than all-in-one, or used a lawn cotton same colour fabric to eliminate bulk. I did not use the bindings from the pattern and used store bought bias binding and did not ease the armholes in so it is a more comfortable fit for me. (there were some comments that the fit at the chest is snug).


Delighted to have made the dress, while I have not used it for work (not practical for me), I have worn it lots. The cut is comfortable and the design suitably quirky, and a great wardrobe addition (especially as I feel some of my makes are often rather plain).

6 thoughts on “Hannah Dress

  1. Sharron says:

    Looks lovely. Just curious how you found the IKEA linen for clothing ? I purchased some a while ago to make culottes but have been hesitant as it feels a little stiff. Cheers Sharron

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    • upsew says:

      Hi Sharon – thank you – the linen I had was stiff too, so I laundered it first. (as I was also worried for dye run as I was sewing with white). It was still a little stiff, but now it has been worn a few times, it has softened out more. technically the weight and weave is different from clothing linen. the one thing I generally find with any linen make personally is it takes a few wears to make it mine as the fibres seem to adapt to the wearer (like leather) and it crumples rather than creases. hope this helps!


  2. best detective says:

    These look fab and I am so happy to have just found your blog via Jasika Nicole’s comments! I’m in Dublin and mostly making from new and deadstock (my blog is extremely dormant, Instagram is too easy) but I’m really into what you’re doing.

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    • upsew says:

      Ah – thank you so much and delighted to know another irish maker… everyone who makes their own clothes seems to live somewhere else, while I do meet up with some knit and crochet peeps, I know so few that sew. have followed your blog on bloglovin and looking forward to any future posts!


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