Summer Makes – dresses, coat and sweater

I started this post on 28th May and today is 13th November. Things have been busy, but not that busy. I still blame Covid for twisting time! Of course, there is also the fact that Bloglovin only works here and there and that used be my main blog reader so now as I am not reading blogs, I am not updating this one either.

I had been thinking of retiring the blog as I am not sure where my pet project is going to at all….. I still sew but not as much as my wardrobe only needs tweaks, but I am still picking up stuff in charity shops with the intentions of remaking so now I am nearer a hoarder than a maker! My original intention on starting the blog was to

  • See if the remade could be well made
  • If these remades could be part of my own wardrobe rather than buying new
  • Share my makes and any patterns I drafted so others could make – and maybe skill share locally
  • donate extra makes to a charity shop for the shop to sell – to show remakes and highlight the limitations of fast fashion (I did this twice with Cope Charity Shop for fashion revolution week) – I wish I had the time or wherewithal to make this into something, but on contacting other charity shops there seemed little interest

Last month however, I did get some WordPress emails last months that some new followers (Hello & Welcome!) have joined which made me think I should put up a post seeing as I had done some makes over the summer – Dresses, Coat and Sweater (&hats)

The Wide Strap Sundress
This is a winner. I made 2! but only as I had so many linen trousers stashed in sewing room. The first was a patchwork of navy, blue and white linen. the second I just dyed 3 pairs of white linen pants a cargo green. The pattern is from Peppermint – has pockets (yipee) and wide straps (so no need for strapless bra). The seams/ joins on the ‘patchwork dress’ are the same on the green dress.

The Everyday Dress
This one was made with a dyed stash of 2 beige linen pants. The pattern is a collaboration between peppermint and ‘into the folds’. It was perfect for our heatwave this summer and again POCKETS! it drapes nicely, and I wear it without the tie – in part due it was referred to as a ‘looks like an apostle’ when I wore the belt with it… and also that it is more comfortable without belt

the before dye picture shows the joins and different colour linens

The Chloe Dress Hack
This is a hack of the Chloe Top from Fibremood. I made it as I had the fabric in my press. I had picked up some lenghts of fabric during Covid as there were shop closures (which I still berate myself about). Anyway, this fabric is a viscose mix jersey and a pain to sew, so it was handy to make a dress with few seams. The photo is from a first fit – used up all the fabric (1.5m) and ended up making the dress longer with a navy trim, and the bow longer by backing it in a strip of navy. The dress still has to be worn (as the one fancy occasion was cancelled this summer…. so no other photos

Blending in – the Curtain Coat
I really wanted to get a chintz sofa to sit on so I could blend in…but no joy. I got this pair of Sanderson linen sample curtains in the charity shop – I figured they were a sample as they were only a width wide each and a drop of 1.8m and in fantastic condition. the fabric was so lovely I wouldn’t put them down – and I convinced myself they would be a coat. I tried to be economical with the fabric and used up just over one curtain. I adapted Vogue couturier Pattern 1483 by Laroche and omitted side seams so no pattern matching. The sleeve had a small insertion to match pattern.

The made bigger sweater
On the same day as curtains, this sweater was in the same shop. I love this fennel colour and figured the sweater was merino – and I knew by looking it was most likely too small but got it anyway. Originally, I was going to crochet a panel to side but could not find right shade or weight of yarn. I did find a tee shirt and sewed inside and arm panels. I was so very pleased with this and know it’s a hack I would do again

And finally a hat

Actually I made 2. Since my rosecea has gotten worse I try and wear a sun hat during the summer if its anyway sunny (I wear sunscreen also). I have straw hats which I tend to wear in the garden but find them tricky to bring ‘out’ as if it rains they dont pack away so easily. I got this pattern for the serpentine wide brim hat from etsy. I made 2, one in canvas and one in linen (in everyday dress photo). the brim can flop down but I found wearing with a crease it stays up well

12 thoughts on “Summer Makes – dresses, coat and sweater

  1. Jillian McKimm says:

    Please don’t retire! I love seeing what you are doing, you are a great inspiration! Really enjoy reading what you are up to and seeing what you have made.
    Love the coat! Material is beautiful! I think I would have been hyperventilating at such a find!
    There is so much fabulous material out there! Some of the mens suits are the most glorious wool, I’m not clever/inventive enough to utilise the jackets, but the trousers have good amounts to make winter skirts, especially if you combine the wool. I like full skirts ( large woman) colours are darkish but wear bright tops. So please don’t desert us!
    We are interested to see what you come up with, and your thoughts!
    Best Jillian (Melbourne Australia)

    Liked by 1 person

    • upsew says:

      Aw thank you Jillian, you are very kind… it was only when I reread I thought how maudlin I must sound!!! I think I was conscious of how rarely I was posting and how few photos I take of my makes. (I still have a dumb phone – a 16 year old flip phone). Like you, I stick to dark trousers and skirts and bright tops. yes mens suits are great if you get a wool one. – and I did get a wool jacket this year – its grey with navy check (more hoarding) but I am a bit conflicted on the remake (thinking overblouse and perhaps using panel in a skirt?)


    • upsew says:

      Thank you very much Margret. I was so tempted to make a dress out of the remaining curtain parts. The coat was a great excuse to try the vogue pattern, and it wasnt a tricky sew (considering its a vintage one) and I am hoping to make the coat again but this time have side seams.


    • upsew says:

      Thank you Connie, I wear a tinted factor 50 at all times and was so glad of the hats this summer as we had a hot one and I sometimes will get a flare up as I didnt always have a good hat (but not this year!)
      Coat got worn a lot more than I thought, it was super handy for summer evenings – as well as being an unintended conversation piece!


    • upsew says:

      I pretty much did live in it!. We had a very warm summer here, and linen is such a gift (and I had far too many linen pants in the sewing room). its a well thought out pattern and free (or donation) download from peppermint. I found the instructions so well laid out


  2. Trish S says:

    I’m a new subscriber and I love your makes and reuse, particularly the linen dresses ( I’ve done this with trousers into top but never thought of piecing them :0 ). Please don’t go – I’ve only just found you. I agree about Bloglovin though – it keeps disappearing. Why is that? I did ask them but got no reply. Merry Christmas too 🎄


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