Swink – Crochet remake

I was only crocheting a year or so when I made this ‘sidesadle cluster’ top (on left) in Alpaca.  I didn’t fully comprehend the qualities of alpaca and this pattern, so I ended up with a rather unwearable top (equivalent of wearing a mink vest – on a hot day).  I had it aside for a remake, but was conscious there was little yarn as whatever I had left over at the time was used to make a hat for a friend and trim matching gloves!  But then along came some knitting skills and the swink pattern on ravelry…..

Unraveling the original make was a pain – alpaca hooks in on itself,  but got there in the end.  I had fully intended on knitting the bands as per the pattern but as my knitting is far from effective, I just crocheted in single crochet going down a few hook sizes (size 5 I think).

Its a very quick make and I still have to trim with some buttons (didn’t think of it until I saw this photo – I think it would benefit from a button detail).  And its wonderfully warm.  It was perfect to wear yesterday as our weather is still cool, but its beautifully bright so its tempting to wear less layers. (and I got to wear the patterned blouse!)


swink – with salt and pepper hair……