Swink – Crochet remake

I was only crocheting a year or so when I made this ‘sidesadle cluster’ top (on left) in Alpaca.  I didn’t fully comprehend the qualities of alpaca and this pattern, so I ended up with a rather unwearable top (equivalent of wearing a mink vest – on a hot day).  I had it aside for a remake, but was conscious there was little yarn as whatever I had left over at the time was used to make a hat for a friend and trim matching gloves!  But then along came some knitting skills and the swink pattern on ravelry…..

Unraveling the original make was a pain – alpaca hooks in on itself,  but got there in the end.  I had fully intended on knitting the bands as per the pattern but as my knitting is far from effective, I just crocheted in single crochet going down a few hook sizes (size 5 I think).

Its a very quick make and I still have to trim with some buttons (didn’t think of it until I saw this photo – I think it would benefit from a button detail).  And its wonderfully warm.  It was perfect to wear yesterday as our weather is still cool, but its beautifully bright so its tempting to wear less layers. (and I got to wear the patterned blouse!)


swink – with salt and pepper hair……




11 thoughts on “Swink – Crochet remake

  1. wrong doll says:

    Ahh .. it’s not often we get a picture and what a lovely one. I love this teal top and it works so well with the patterned blouse underneath peaking out. This is a great outfit and how satisfying to be able to say you made most of it yourself. That would be the ultimate – top to toe me mades! But I don’t have the inclination or skills to even attempt underwear. I’ll settle for a dress or skirt and top I reckon. You’ve been very industrious lately – loving your work as always.

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    • theupsew says:

      Thanks Aimee – you are v kind (I have gotten a bit conscious of the salt/pepper look – anytime anyone comments on my hair, I cant even politely say thank you, I end up muttering things like ‘in three months it will be okay and grown out’ – I am determined not to dye again tho). I adore this crochet top, its really practical and now that my wardrobe is becoming more me-made, I am feeling rather accomplished!

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      • wrong doll says:

        I purposefully didn’t mention your hair as I know you are conscious of it but now you have I feel I can! I really love it… Resist the urge to dye it if you can. My friend went grey early on (I might have already mentioned this) and dyed it for years. Now she’s gone natural it looks amazing and is in such good condition. I remember hers growing out and it’s so worth the wait.

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    • theupsew says:

      Thanks Karen – its a real quick crochet and I am well pleased with it. I am rather lazy about photos and was never really in the habit of them (digital cameras have made me more anti-photo as all events seem to be about recording them than enjoying. them). I would recommend the swink as a make – very quick crochet and uses a smaller amount of yarn

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  2. theupsew says:

    I am so impressed with the swink – normally I am much colder but wearing this and blouse etc this weekend I was ‘grand’ – the blouse (even under the ‘swink’) got a few compliments! adored that print blouse you made it looks so preppy and summery


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