Ann Adams 4602 – duvet to dress

Ann Adams 4602  - upcycle duvet to dressI had been looking at this pattern for a while and I love wrap-arounds, skirts, dresses, tops –  The duvet had two lovely faded shades and the blue over-lock edge suited so to include this detail in  the dress I made some with blue piping with bias from some blue scrap I had and and yarn (which I made into piping cord by zig zagging a few lengths of 4 ply together and then covering with the blue bias strip)

Ann Adams 4602  - upcycle duvet to dress

I wanted to see if lining and or making it reversible would work – it didn’t really as it was too heavy, and the fit of the dress is not a snug as i would like.  The curved back looks attractive but it has ‘nowhere to go’ or be attached to, I think the straps and curve could be altered here.  I am thinking of trying something similar in time and shaping the back differently – I would also shape the front bodice a bit better as it is made for a more matronly bust, what I really liked though was the skirt as it has a kick out in the front seam and gives great flare………….   

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