a month of swatches – fat quarter shopper and the start of the tablet cover

So another bag – and another unknown quantity of time spent on pinterest (sometimes I feel like Alice in a pinterest rabbit hole).  Anyway, I have also sorted some boards so now one board is only for pinspiration and is edited as each project is done.

This bag, origami bento, is easy peasy, easier if you don’t line it (which I should have done, and then flat felled the seams to finish them).  The handle on this is a bit clunky looking, as the fabric is doubled but its a minor quibble.  It has the feel of a beach bag, and takes less than an hour to make so is well on the way to top 10 quick-sews.  If I make this again, I will make the side dimensions of the main square 15inch  instead of 17inch and not line it, and consider a lighter cotton strap tie knot!

The tablet cover is for my friend Cathriona, who I am teaching to sew (as she taught me bodran – irish drum), Its should be pretty straight forward.   We were supposed to sew today, but she has her law exams so we are leaving it till they are over.  While she was sewing, she was to bring her tablet so I could work on making a cover.  The idea is to have a fold over wallet.  I have posted photos of the cut out for the moment.

The cardboard will fit inside the wallet, and there will be pockets on one side and the other will hold the tablet.  The tablet holder tabs will either be in the clear plastic from swatch book covers or elastic bands.  Either way, it wont be done till next month and I will post it then.

And finanlly, I tried out google drive for uploads to download (as I want to put up a pattern next week) and I uploaded a 1930s pattern catalogue and the link is in the ‘down-load-able’ page.  I was given this by my sisters mother-in-law. She said it was from clearing out the local church sacristy (I think), and there were some church crochet patterns for tablecloths, and one maudella pattern……………….. for an apron!

The catalogue is so interesting, and I love flicking thru it every now and then,it just seems so curious –  from the patterns suitable for renovations,  the one ones for short lady (you just have to quote ‘short lady’ when ordering), and the nurses uniforms…… (I originally thought it was a nuns habit).  Hope you like it!

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