a month of swatches – red yy bag and lil cat tent

These swatch books from Kathy are amazing, and coincidentally last week just as I posted the patou top, I got another text from Kathy with the offer of more books – and more fantastic books arrived that evening.  Big thank you to Kathy!  

James has been looking at the covers and is taking them and the metal corners for book bindings (he makes his own sketch pads), so they are slowly being used up.  There are a lot that will be left for cushions and curtain trims, and later in the year.  

upcycle swatch book to sketch book

This week I was playing at a few things themed red and came across the pattern for the yy bag.

The linen pieces in the swatch books had a great tight weave and sheen finish, so were perfect for this bag. The bag made up in no time at all.  I only changed the base as I had cut the brown linen piece in half as I had matched it with last weeks top at one point, but I made up the outside length for the yy bag easily and top stitched it and then lined it with an old pillowcase.  I used an iron-on woven interface on the lining only.

red yy bag made from upholstery swatch

I had also a belt that I could cut the leather strip handle from, so it was all was going so well – until I went to look for eyelets.  There are so many advantages to living in a small town, finding large eyelets and small rivets for your new handbag is not one of them!  Luckily there is always etsy – so they are on the way and I will update the finished bag when they arrive…………… and hopefully the eyelet tool here will work!  The yy pattern is a dream to work up – and I am thinking of enlarging it for a shopper – once the eyelets arrive (its now the chinese new year so the last update via etsy seller is there will be small delay).  I am leaving cutting the handle until they arrive and will update the photo then (assuming my rivet and eyelet tools here work!)

Update – finally finished 22nd April – love the bag, eyelets were messy as I didn’t get tool but improvised with hammer, pliers and plastic lino tool handle!

One book cover was made into a lil cat tent.  I saw this pic, and had to make it.  We have two cats and they are still adjusting to last years move to  town after the previous 4 years living in the woods (we lived beside at 100 acre wood previously) so they don’t spend as much time as they used to outside.  The tent was inspected but it is of little interest currently while there are better seats nearer the fire!  

cat tent

and as its valentines – the anthropologie blog had this instruction, so I made this from some of the wallpaper samples………………….

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