the fantastic studio faro

I love browsing through the Anita’s posts on Studio Faro, its so very inspiring, Anita McAdam has a brilliant way of explaining the process.  I don’t know where she gets all her energy from because as well as everything else she does, there is a new pattern puzzle each weekend!  

I always find the one piece pattern pieces so appealing so I have a few of the toiles from Anita’s pattern puzzles here

The first is the Gil Brandao top

gil brandao bodice scarf to top studio faro

I thought I would have enough in a left over piece of double knit – but it was a bit under, so – just in case – I used a jersey snood/scarf that was given to me (it is a very cheap thin ‘pennys’ one).  As these thin jerseys happily roll back on themselves, I left the hem about 10 cm plus.  I think I would change it to a bias angle if I was using a woven, and I think it would look even better as a woven.  In  this jersey its fine, but probably only suitable as a beach top as its sooooo sheer!  I am making a few pairs of high waisted trousers this summer so a fabric top like this could be perfect.

The vintage bodice.

studio faro vintage bodice

I love the shape of the pattern, and made it soon after the post.  Only when I went to look at the pattern, I realised I left few notes on i t (no notes apart from CB on one side).  I also had a piece of double knit left over from the pauline dress which just about fitted the pattern.  I sewed up the back seam and then gathered the front a bit, to join to yoke, and then sewed up centre front.  It needs some tweaking, either at the centre back seam or adapting the sleeve as in one of Anita’s variations.  The pattern does finish exactly on the waist.  However, it could make a great base for a bodice (I would probably go for a more scooped neckline if I was trying it for real), and also a good base for a bolero.

and finally

The Balanciaga Overblouse

balanciaga overblouse studio faro scarf to top

I made this last summer and had this scarf which I thought would dye well afterwards (it didn’t).  

The toile was made, and I was a bit generous and made it a bit big, but even so, at this size it has a ‘hippy’ look to it and would work well with jeans.  I didn’t take it any further as it was probably not something I would wear currently, but if I had a straight skirt cocktail dress, this pattern could certainly make the cutest over-blouse and a lot more practical than a scarf or shawl. 

again, many many thanks Anita for all your shares!

9 thoughts on “the fantastic studio faro

  1. studiofaro says:

    Thank you so much for featuring our blog and for all the fabulous toiles. I think I will have to find my Balenciaga Overblouse pattern and try it again. I really like the oversize sheer top you made and think it would be great with my jeans. 🙂


  2. Eimear Greaney says:

    thank you so very much Anita, I really want to try is that Cecil Chapman dress you shared – it was so amazing! – and I will get attempt it yet but will have to sharpen up my drafting – a lot!


  3. Eimear Greaney says:

    Thanks very much, I am thinking of dong a fabric version of first one – placing on the bias – and if i can grab someone to photograph me I will post it – I am incredibly lazy about organising the modeling of the items – between getting someone to photograph me and me having the patience to hang around for it – the mannequin is so much easier. (however I am due to make trews this summer so will have to make an effort then as they wont work on mannequin)………….


  4. Eimear Greaney says:

    Thanks very much Anita – but I am so lazy and still have to make up a proper set of new blocks on card (bodices done) – I really enjoy the drafting its the testing and tweaking that can wear me down – having said that, the green coat did give me a lot of confidence and got me back into the swing of it!


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