sheets and shibori – dress 2 – calvin klein vogue 2690

sheet shibori dress vogue 2690 calvin klein

I am showing 2 friends of mine how to sew.  Sewing is a skill I take for granted, and sometimes I don’t even consider it a skill as its just something I have always done – and so, I am often a bit surprised when people profess to not being able to sew (as deep down I still think its innate!).   I had to learn to take a step back and slow down on what I am showing them, and concentrate on making sewing samples.  Originally, I had planned that we would start off with making some easy sleeveless tops with a button close, but I was really putting them under pressure, so, I showed them how to sew different seams,  and we made some yy bags.  

sheet shibori dress vogue 2690 calvin klein

I am hoping that we will try a simple dress soon, so I got this pattern to show them how to work from a commercial pattern and I was hoping also if I whipped one up, they would be inspired to give it a go.  I think this would work as a jumper dress in a heavier fabric, but this one started off as a sheet.

Its a handy pattern, no tricky openings and no darts.  The main shaping is a subtle boat neckline and slight cap sleeve.  The dress curves in a little bit towards the hem.  I graded out for my hips.  

I did a ‘spider web’ shibori effect by winding around some button thread and tying it, and dampened the dress before dying  It was pretty quick to do, and very effective in the end!.  This was dyed right side out, and the one thing I have noticed about the indigo dying, is the inside out produces a less even effect, which can be more pleasing a more textured look is the aim.  (below is a photo of the inside).

sheet shibori dress vogue 2690 calvin klein

Quite pleased with this one, as it took no time to make, and required the least effort.  As a plain white dress it was fine, but highly unlikely that I would have worn it, as it still had the sheet quality, however, its a completely different look as the indigo, especially as the sheet has the worn soft quality, and so wearable….. love it love it love it – feels so summery and beachy  – don’t think this summer will turn around but beach ready for next year! below is the side and back view

sheet shibori dress vogue 2690 calvin klein

4 thoughts on “sheets and shibori – dress 2 – calvin klein vogue 2690

  1. wrongdoll says:

    I've been on holiday …. and you've been BUSY! Wowzers – such skills – I wish you lived near me and could pass on your sewing knowledge – your students are very lucky. Love the fact you are using old sheets to make beautiful creations – really inspiring how a simple pattern can be transformed by colour and pattern. Samples really helped me pick up some basic skills. My current project has tucks and gathering and it was so useful to pull out my college file and see the samples and notes I made back then 🙂


  2. Eimear Greaney says:

    It looks busier than it was. I sewed the whites up in a few days and dyed in a day (indigo is so fast – a 5 minute dip each!) and they were all simple patterns (except for the first which I had to draft). I used a pinking shears so super handy (ebay, and unused from 1960s). I am enjoying the social side of the sewing sessions myself, and we are taking a break until Sept, but there is one more to join us so all good! Really looking forward to seeing your next make – you do a lovely finish…….. Brother Jones machine here is repaired and a very nice machine – making up a set of pjs on it now and the motor is so smooth – quite fascinated by it!


  3. wrongdoll says:

    Wowzers … really hankering to see your machine – can you sneak some photos into your next blog?! And I remember my mum – who was a dab hand with the sewing machine – had a lovely pair of pinking shears – I will be doing an ebay trawl for a pair of my own soon 🙂 I do sometimes think about investing in a new machine but I get the impression these old machines can give the new ones a run for their money. And I've built up quite a relationship with the Jones now, so it would feel like having an affair! I better get cracking on writing up my latest make – thanks for the kind words.


  4. Eimear Greaney says:

    for sure, I will – I had some threading issues but they seemed to be resolved – I will post a few photos of that to see if you found the same issues?……still on the getting to know you stage but I really like it – although my original machine is still the go-to and I am most used to it. I definitely have a bias towards the metal machines, and even Allyn Bane (50s tailoring lecturer and book writer I admire) she only had a straight stitch machine! I was surprised to pick up the pinking shears for 7euro. its the russel brand and they were made for singer and boxed. Looking forward to your next post!


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