sheets and shibori – dress 3 – vogue 7458

vogue 7568 shibori sheet dress

Of all pattern illustrations, these 70s vogues are my favourite.  I just love them, so ‘had’ to get this one when I saw it.

This dress is incredibly simple – big plus.  I made it up from a sheet to try it out, realistically I am unsure I would wear this low a v-neck- can you call it a v-neck?

The making of the dress was relatively easy, it is 4 triangles and a belt.  I should have put more interfacing on the belt to make it work better, ( but ultimately it would have worked better in a polyester or double knit to get the full effect).  The seams were finished with my new favourite,
e-bay purchase,  the pinking shears…… easy peasy and so fast.

vogue 7568 shibori sheet dress

I did the shibori effect, but was a bit lazy about the stitching.  I originally wanted to dip dye, but this would have been harder to manage and possibly a bit of a disaster, so I am glad I decided against.  I did a running tack stitch around the dress.  I changed threads every three rows so I was sure to be on the correct row.  This was unnecessary but was handy all the same.  I gathered each set of three threads from each side and tied and trimmed as I went down through each set (lower set of photos).    I worked on this dress inside out, so the dress went into the dye vat inside out which gave the right side of the dress a more textured effect which was a bonus.  

vogue 7568 shibori sheet dress
vogue 7568 shibori sheet dress

I hand stitched up the front and sides as they are cut so so low, but then undid the front as it seemed to take away from the overall effect!  Ultimately, the sheet fabric is too heavy for the dress,   However, like the other dresses, once it was dyed, it became infinitely more wearable, but I don’t anticipate wearing the low cut, and am thinking of using the fabric again to make a similar style but buttoned up…….perhaps.  

However, I won’t decide on this until next year and by which time I will ask my my curvy sister to try the dress on to see what the fit is like on her..

vogue 7568 shibori sheet dress

I am unsure as to which way I think the belt looks best……… I think I like the left view best.

vogue 7568 shibori sheet dress

4 thoughts on “sheets and shibori – dress 3 – vogue 7458

  1. Eimear Greaney says:

    thanks Bobbi, the pattern is very quick – and basically triangles except the back triangles the straight grain goes up the centre of the triangle rather than the centre back seam. I will put up some extra images of the pattern in the next few weeks on this post as well as the triangle dress from another book if you wanted to check them? thanks for the kind comment, in some ways I had a fair bit of luck with the indigo as my expectations were rather low!


  2. Eimear Greaney says:

    Thank you Lynn, I had some friends over last week and one is great for trying on all my makes (which I find hilarious as she is 2 dress sizes smaller and 6 inches shorter than me) and they preferred the obi style belt too. I think it looks a bit more contemporary.


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