a scarf to a poncho to a shrug to a shawl

I made a poncho shrug shawl for my sister some time back and I love it.  The colour wasn’t quite right for me, but it was so perfect for her.  I had made an unbuttoned version some time previous to that and I was going to remake it but still have to get around to it, as its a lot of crochet…… which was a pity, as all summer it would have been the perfect piece as our weather never got really warm.

I did remember I had a long scarf got some years back (2008) which was packed away with the winter wools so as I unpacked some sweaters and put away some summer clothes, there it was…….

scarf to poncho remake - remake a scarf

This scarf measures about 180 x 70cm approx and its a viscose mix.     I always like this colour.  The scarf seems to curl in on itself, and it was also a bit long, it was handy for evenings but rarely worn.  

The measurements of the crocheted ‘pillar to post’ I made for my sister, were 150cm x 60cm, so I cut the scarf  to 155 cm and put some iron-on lightweight vilene strips along the hems at each end, and hand stitched each hem.  This also seems to have stopped the ‘curling’ and now the hem sits flat.

Sewing the button-holes was a nightmare.  I knew I would be placing 6 button holes along approx 30cm on each end (diagram below not to scale but shows the placement), and the buttonholes would be opposite.  

I wasnt sure how I would make the buttonholes.  My machine buttonhole tests were a disaster, and I had more success sewing through paper each side, but this was still distinctly dodgy, so in the end, I hand stitched them.  In truth, the are a bit lumpy, and perhaps its as well that I now use reading glasses as in practice I don’t notice them (and now they are done, I don’t inspect them either!).  The buttons came from the button jar, one set of 6 is from an old suit I have to remake, and the other from a coat from last year.  If it was a white or cream scarf, then various multi-coloured buttons could have been good fun.  This poncho has been worn twice as much since I made it a few weeks ago, than its whole life time as a scarf. 

scarf to poncho remake - remake a scarf

and the only non blurry photo of me wearing it (better try and get a better one)

8 thoughts on “a scarf to a poncho to a shrug to a shawl

  1. wrongdoll says:

    So inventive you are! You can try your hand at so many things. The colour is lovely and really suits you. I followed the link to the one you made your sister and it's amazing – I LOVE all the variations. I'd like to say it's inspired me to be a little bit more inventive but I'll probably just crack on with another smock! I've been poorly so progress has been halted but I'm looking forward to getting my hands on a new project with my Singers shortly. Happy Autumnal sewing 🙂


  2. Eimear Greaney says:

    thanks very much Aimee, its proved so handy, and I wish I did it sooner as I spent most of summer in a very ugly windcheater jacket (as it was light and handy which is exactly what the poncho is too!). looking forward to seeing your new smock and your fabric choice! and I do hope you are feeling better soon….. (I rely heavily on recorded tv shows when I am tired/sick and newest addiction is bbc money for nothing…. dont know if you have seen it but they did the coolest dresser with a printer called zoe murphy last week)


  3. wrongdoll says:

    Ohhh .. I've just looked up Money for Nothing on my computer. I haven't had a TV for 15 years so I only watch things on Catch Up but that looks right up my street so I've saved it. I was unemployed for a few years and I started a project called Trash to Treasure, re purposing found objects. I was doing a community teaching course at the time and I based my final teaching assessment on it – happy memories. That's why I love your approach to sewing so much as it reminds me of those days. I don't have the confidence yet … but I'm getting there.


  4. Eimear Greaney says:

    glad you like it – I dont watch much tv so its either shows like that or cop shows. I am doing a coat at the moment and was mulling over the 'of course I can' approach I have always taken and how it tends to get the better of me now and then, but on the other hand, I would never do anything if I didn't give it a go! ….your Trash to Treasure sounds fantastic…..you will most likely be distracted by this show (singer sewing machine table on last nights!)


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