grey jumper #2

wool sweater remake

I got a gorgeous grey merino men’s jumper a few weeks ago.  Its a large mans jumper, and a great shade of grey.  The crochet sweater I am making for my grey wrap skirt is still being hooked (I am on the fourth restart ….. this better be the last version), so I thought I would make something from this.

I had a few thoughts in my head,
– a wrap close cardigan with a length of satin ribbon as trim
– a cropped sweater, 3/4 sleeve with boat neck
– a regular cardigan

but decided on copying an item from my wardrobe.  I copied a pattern from a thrifted fine knit I got some years ago.  Its probably a ‘neither here nor there’ sweater, but its a good layering piece (its cashmere ), easy colour and gets worn quiet a bit.

sweater remake

I laid the sweater out, and traced, folding over the main sweater trace and cutting to make sure each side was even.  In the remake I had to do a few strips to make the sleeve width, but it was worth it as I was able to do a generous box pleat at the ‘cuff’ of sleeve (the pleats in the thrifted sweater are in different locations and are knitted into a cuff).  I would have liked (and am thinking of trying this pattern again) to give a bit more weight to the collar by doubling up the fabric (rather than using a strip of fabric and hemming it).

sweater remake

The sweater has a nice shape, its got a dropped shoulder, and some shaping at the waist – I kept the ribbed band in the cut for hem and its perfect.  I am glad I put the one large pleat in the sleeve as it gives a bit of ‘interest’ and the pleats in the original are a bit puffy.  The sweater is a quick sew, and works well with jeans and looks fine with skirt, and I am sure will work with the grey wool trousers if I get to remake them soon (or at least this year), and wears with the poncho too!.  photo below is a bit dull – but only one taken so far.



2 thoughts on “grey jumper #2

  1. wrongdoll says:

    So clever you are – I love it – a real classic staple and for the life of me I can't work out quite how you've managed to transform one into the other! Grey is a great colour and it looks perfect with the skirt. Home made from top to toe – how satisfying must that feel 🙂 That's my aspiration – to get to the stage where most days I am wearing my own makes. I had a clear out of my wardrobe this weekend as I need to be ruthless to accommodate my new hobby – there really is no joy in buying clothes any more – especially if when you wear them people ask if you made it! Looks lovely with the grape tights and boots too.


  2. Eimear Greaney says:

    Thanks Aimee, yes, I am getting a real kick out of having a half handmade wardrobe, and way preferring the clothes I am making, although I have to knuckle down and make my nieces irish dancing costume next week which should be interesting………….if I dont take to the drink in between times!


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