red blouse remake, and a vogue skirt

Things have been rather hectic lately.  I have finished embroidering and sewing an irish dancing costume for my niece and due to go up to bling it on next week, and while that was being sewn, the sew social group started – no photos of either yet!.  The sew social group is great, there is a brilliant mix of people and skills, and extra people coming the second week.  It is to run for 4 evenings and 2 evenings to go, and I am hoping to be shown how to knit properly there soon.

I made this blouse and skirt a few weeks ago, and have worn both a fair bit, and I am still in the middle of crocheting the sweater (if a crochet project goes on too long there is always the danger of a change of heart and I will unravel it, so I am hoping to finish it this week)

The blouse

Red is a tough colour to photograph.  The red blouse was on the euro rail.  it was a light jacket/blouse with shoulder pads (and a few stains), and its silk

upcycle blouse

I laundered it, took it apart and thought to make a blouse which would also work as a base layer for under sweaters.  I don’t normally like collars, which was just as well as I barely had enough fabric but got their in the end.  I had to peel off the fusible which was on the facing of the original blouse to use as side panels in the front – which worked out fine.

upcycle blouse

I used a 50s dress pattern as a base for the tucks at the neckline, and I was going to face the neckline but used a simple binding instead, and a zip closure at the back.

The skirt

brown tweed skirt

The day after I got the blouse, I was cutting out the denim dress (2 or 3 posts back) and ran into a spot of bother with the cut, so I went out for a stroll to think it out (rather than cut any further), and I strolled towards the charity shop.  This tweed was in with some pillowcases, and about .75 of a metre, and 2euro.  When I got home, I put it with the ‘pile’ and it looked so well with the blouse – that I figured I had an instant outfit.  I had originally planned a box pleat skirt, but there was just slightly too little fabric.

vogue 7776 skirt upcycle

I used my TNT pattern, vogue 7776, and did the version with the front slit.  I pretty much did everything as per the pattern except I did a facing for the waistband (petersham is recommended).  I left the hem at 3 inch allowance which is a lovely weight for the tweed.  Had I known it would turn out so lovely, I should have considered interlining with organza (its a couture technique I think).  Its perfect for a long-life tweed skirt as it helps any potential bagging/sagging issues at the seat, and its perfect for holding the hem.

silk lining vogue 7776

I had some habatoi mock silk lining in a fun orange shade, but I didnt realise until I went to cut how off grain it was……………. I was a bit shocked.  So I cut on grain, one piece at a time and just about fitted it in – the photo above shows it laid out and going with grain.  I cut the back on the fold and the 2 fronts just about fitted it in.

I did a top stitich on the skirt but only used sewing thread so its barely noticible, and the only other blip (besides the low quality lining) was there was a tiny hole in the weave (probably due to age) in the back panel which I didn;t notice until I was holding towards the light to inspect the dart.  I put a small darn in it, and then ironed on some vilene.

so – an outfit for about a fiver – blouse 1 euro, tweed 2 euro, zips taken from other garments, lining would have been about 2euro……

10 thoughts on “red blouse remake, and a vogue skirt

  1. Linda Wilson says:

    Very nice outfit. It's great how we work so similarly, When you lay on those pattern pieces, and it's such a good feeling that they fit on the pieces. I can knit, but I don't I find it too slow, but I'm looking forward to see yours finished and not back as a ball of wool. It's good to hear the groups going well!


  2. Eimear Greaney says:

    thank you Linda – yup, always a relief when the pattern pieces fit, and this blouse so just about made it, but on the other hand, when there are only minute pieces left, I also get a sense of achievement! I am on a bit of a buzz at the moment as I was shown to knit this evening so i will be doing some more tonight before I forget. Deep down I know I wont be doing anything big as knitting is so much slower…… but I love the fine finish it gives.


  3. wrongdoll says:

    What skills – I really am in awe of your ability to re-fashion items in such a pecuniary way – it must give you such a sense of satisfaction. I adore the lined tweed skirt – that's just a level of skill I can't even begin to aspire to right now but I would love to be able to work with that kind of fabric one day. I have my eye on the Merchant & Mills Trapeze dress which would look great in tweed. Love your classic detailing as well – the box pleat on the skirt and tucks on the neckline of the top. I'd like to see you in the outfit – fitting for a Christmas outing I think. Just lovely 🙂 Oh and I'm so envious of your sew social initiative – I'd be there like a shot if I lived locally. Good luck with the blinging.


  4. Eimear Greaney says:

    Thanks Aimee – I really have to get photos of me wearing some of the stuff…. i am rather lazy and have found in the last number of years that I got out of the habit of bringing a camera with me to 'events' as I became inclined to photo all the time instead of enjoying the time. that m&m trapeze dress is lovely – they do a book of patterns which I like (havnt got and havnt used) but its the simple lines that I love. my christmas outfit this year will be (hopefully) the grey wrap skirt and the soon to be finished and better be nice crochet jumper!


  5. wrongdoll says:

    Soon to be finished and better be nice – love it! I have my eye on that merchant and mills book too. I might mix them up with the Japanese smocks for a barely discernable bit of variation!


  6. Eimear Greaney says:

    Thanks Agy, I was inspired by your own sewing groups and although I didnt try the fix it fridays I started a few sessions of sewing locally, and was pleasantly surprised by the mix of people that showed, and hope to continue on after christmas.


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