Sweater Remake

I got this sweater at the euro rail – its one of the few things I bought in a charity shop this year.  I am trying to get through what I have here – but I seem to make an exception for the euro rail – I often think these are the ‘no hope-ers’ and bound for landfill.  I love this colour, the fabric is cotton knit/ jersey.  The sweater colour is uneven due to wear and laundry, but to me this was part of the appeal as the colour now looked slightly textured,For the remake, I used the Astoria initially and also my own block.  It was all straight forward.  I added 5 inches to the length, and made the sleeves as long as I could.  I sewed it using the overcast stitch on the ‘new’ machine.  (so handy)

Cut out


Cutting Sleeve – I use bulldog clips to keep the two layers together, and it stops the fabric rolling back in.

I was unsure about the neck finish, and luckily I had some of the same shade in yarn, left
over from a previous project!  (its a colour I like).  I turned the edges and machine basted them, and blanket stitched them.  The trim is a mix of double and treble (uk) stitches.




Love how it turned out -I cannot believe how quick and easy these types of sweater remakes are, (and the corresponding amount of sweaters on the men’s rail in charity shops).  I have a few more sweaters to remake soon, but I am hoping to try a few different finishes, like embroidered hems and embroidered embellishments….


12 thoughts on “Sweater Remake

  1. Eimear Greaney says:

    Thank you Karen – I did the overcast, and then trimmed it with a small scissors, it looks a lot neater than the zig zag, even though ultimately both do the same thing. I would love to tell you that I changed needles to a stretch one, but I used a light woven I think (I will confess, unless I am working on a specific project I will not change needles as I am normally dabbling with a few and I will leave the same one in – Silk and heavy fabric I will definitely check the needle!)


  2. wrongdoll says:

    Green is my hands down favourite colour and you've definitely done it justice with this fantastic re-make. What I would give for your skills – to transform an old men's v-neck into a eminently wearable jumper. Why don't you live in Sheffield!? What skills – and the trim attached with blanket stitch is just dreamy.


  3. Eimear Greaney says:

    Thanks so much Aimee – the blanket stitch is the best way to finish the ends, and then the crochet is crocheted onto that as a foundation. I did a tidy stitch and it worked well – although I tried to do a concealed on the hem, but I think the blanket stitch showing is much more effective. these make good sweaters, and an interesting cowl could be made by just continuing the stitch….. so many options!


  4. Kazza says:

    Thank you for the tips. I like to change needles to suit the fabric but confess to not doing so at times. I am also guilty of not disposing of needles, and tend to keep them until blunt! I still have my packets of universal needles from the 1980s!


  5. Eimear Greaney says:

    Same as that, but have not held onto the blunt ones. I have gotten better about changing when I am sewing more, and tend to buy machine needles in advance so I dont feel I am down to the last one. universal ones are handy indeed,


  6. Clare McGivern says:

    Eimear I love this! The crochet is a stroke of genius – would never have thought of that….it is many years since I have crocheted anything but this looks doable! I am about to head away for a few days holiday and already feeling there will be sewing machine withdrawal…so some handwork is in order – must see if I can get myself to the charity shop to find a project like this.

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