a floral blouse from floral pants – Simplicity 1278

I have been steadily sewing since the new year, but super lazy in not writing or photographing much. Its been a mix of crochet, experiments in embroidery and a ruthless run at the ‘use it or lose it’ stack of clothes, and one piece has already gone to the charity shop when I thought of a use for it!

This pair of floral pants was not under any threat as I love the print.  I think the intensity and balance are captivating, in general I am drawn to print, but rarely wear it as it always feels busy. 

I also wanted to try out Simplicity 1278 for a while as I liked the look of the tucks, and it looked like there would be enough fabric.
I used the modern reprint, and traced my size out, using version b with longer sleeves.


The construction was straightforward, a lot more careful that I needed to be with the pleats and tucks, and tacked the markings.  Its a nice use of fabric the few tucks are so effective, and very subtle.

The only real compromise in the cut was the sleeve, I could get the sleeve to below elbow and added a cuff.  I was able to get a sleeve and front of the trouser fronts, the blouse back from the remaining two leg pieces, and the cuffs and facings from the lower leg with very little left over, and also a zip!

I used two buttons from the button box to close  I cannot remember what they were taken from but they are rather cute, they are clear faceted plastic.

It was a relatively quick sew, and while I do like it and I will wear it, I am beginning to figure out that while I like prints, I feel a bit overwhelmed wearing some of them.   I don’t really have many blouses, and mainly wear sweaters in winter, and summer tops in the warmer weather,  I have not worn this as such yet, and in ways made it to expand the styles of clothes I wear in both style, and pattern.  It does feel a bit busy, I had thought it would look well with jeans, but think its more for trousers, and the weather here is still rather cold so it may be a while before I wear it.  

I would like to try the pattern again in a plain fabric, as the tuck detail is rather lost in the floral fabric, but rather impressed that I got a full blouse out of the trousers – inspired in no small part by Linda in Remake Remodel.


11 thoughts on “a floral blouse from floral pants – Simplicity 1278

  1. Eimear Greaney says:

    my sentiments exactly Lynn, and I am looking forward to wearing the top, I am crocheting a 'layering' cardi at the moment which could team up with it. Lovely photo in your post today. going back to read the post now as I only glanced it on fb


  2. Linda Wilson says:

    Hi Eimear, there won't be a pair of wide leg trousers or palazzo pants safe from our scissors!! I think the top looks fabulous and maybe if you wear it with a cardigan you won't feel so bright, however I would wear it as it is with jeans or trousers and love it! Thank you for the mention.


  3. Eimear Greaney says:

    well hoping to crochet a cardi….. I am now convinced I am using jinxed yarn… I made a mistake in the pattern! but I am determined to finish with this yarn so should restart this weekend!


  4. wrongdoll says:

    Unsuprisingly, being a habitual wearer of print, I love this make. You could wear it with block colour plain trousers/skirt and a plain cardigan to tone it down – my smocks are always accompanied by an M&S single colour cardigan and tights! I love the 50's pattern design and it has inpsired me to adventure further with tucks – simple features are so effective. I do agree that they get a bit lost in the fabric pattern though so I'm looking forward to seeing your plain version. I've been streamlining my wardrobe of late to inform what I sew next and to ward against become as consumerist in my sewing as I had been in my buying pre-sewing.


  5. Eimear Greaney says:

    Thanks Aimee, I think I tend to prefer the regular repeat print to wear, but the intensity of this was so appealing. I had thought it a match for jeans so I will try it with that when we get warmer weather….and I also think as my hair is neither here nor there (still transitioning to grey so its now 80 percent grey with brown tips), I dont know what really goes with this new colour hair! Like you, my sewing is now wardrobe led – and it has become easier not to buy as store bought means less and less to me. I am furiously crocheting some bits at the moment so will have something to wear with it soon! If you ever want to try this pattern although i dont know if its your style(?) I can send you the trace I did and copy the instruction….


  6. wrongdoll says:

    Definitely with jeans .. and I love the idea of you furiously crocheting! As for the grey hair – one of my friends went grey very early on and it looks just stunning. I'm hoping i'll get a grey streak in my fringe soon. This pattern is gorgeous but as you hint at, not totally my style and I don't think would go with other things in my wardrobe. One thing you've made I've been trying to track down – the Jean Muir jumper dress. What size is your pattern? I'd love to make it but have a wonky body spanning three sizes: 34″ bust, 30″ waist and 41″ hips. Buying jeans is an impossibility – for me it's A line all the way!


  7. Eimear Greaney says:

    I can do a trace of the Jean Muir but its not as a-line as you think – I prefer a dress that is shaped just below the bust and then goes out (for the other curves)…..I will look up another pattern….. the simplicity tennis dress is an effective a-line- I tend to buy a lot of the same style pattern!!!…I will have a look at a few here


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