big plaid dress – vogue 6879

There are a few reasons why I rarely buy fabric, but remake instead….

1.  the local fabric store is rather small and limited choice (lots of synthetic blends)
2.  economics, remaking from charity shop buys is a lot cheaper and has some eco-cred.
3.  quality – it is easier to assess quality, wear, and hang of the fabric from something already made

and finally

4.  it seems I lose the run of myself when I get to a ‘good’ fabric store, and buy random crazy stuff, half of which is destined to sit around and taunt me (a certain cream knit with sparkles and a strawberry yogurt number come to mind).  I get rather overwhelmed with stash so never ever like having much of it….

I got this plaid in Murphy Sheehys and as I like plaid, wool (its a wool mix), and turquoise, why not…..I was really questioning why I got it when I got home.

Murphy Sheehys sells fabric bale ends, so the info on the fabric is often not there (have not a clue what this label meant below) but the choice can be fantastic.

I originally wanted enough for a skirt -.75m, as there was just under 2m left on roll –  and they and they gave discount for the full piece, so I got it.  I was unsure of which looked nicer right side or wrong side, and cross grain (longer diamond) vs on-grain (squat diamond).













For the skirt I cut wrong side as it had more pixels and cross grain, and I don’t like it.  I made a plain a-line, and it feels neither-here-nor-there, and the pixels side ended up being horrible to match.

The skirt is finished but not photographed, as even though its in the wardrobe, its only until I figure a remake….

The fabric looked well on the mannequin full length – or so I thought so I thought I would try and make a dress – Vogue 6879


I had just enough to match plaid, and get the dress to knee length…..I cut cross grain again, as I thought the longer diamond looked better.  The plaid matched up a dream on sewing and the dress went together easily.  I love it, and am currently wearing it with a jade polo neck underneath.

The only drawback, and it really isn’t is that I don’t like ‘working/sewing’ in it. The arm hole and neck are lovely but it often feels a bit restrictive when I am sewing on the machine, but it is the style of the dress, so its a minor thing really.  I adore the dress.  I think its a flattering shape, and currently I think the big plaid is compensating for my three-tone hair (in the final two months of growing out my hair dye!)

10 thoughts on “big plaid dress – vogue 6879

  1. Linda Wilson says:

    Hi Eimear, I tried leaving a message on facebook and it wouldn't let me and gave me some # excuse??
    The dress is lovely and the check matched beautifully. Shame about the skirt, but I remake a remake all the time and the best of it is knowing yourself that you won't wear the skirt.
    All your reasons for working the way you work are just the same as mine, it's great to be able speak to like minded people. I also don't have a fabric stash, but on the odd occasion I do indulge too!


  2. Eimear Greaney says:

    thanks Linda… i dont actually like having a stash, and yet I do – its possibly habit and I intend to get thru as much as I can this year (although still flummoxed by the strawberry yoghurt jacquard and the sparkly… ) must do a posting. part of the reason my stash becomes so problematic is that I tend to buy the least expensive best quality…. so nice to sew, impossible to match perhaps! loved your bow top style tutorial, and thinking of trying a side tie sometime…..


  3. wrongdoll says:

    Hello Eimear – I've been meaning to comment on this all week. Now it's the weekend and I'm full of lurgy so my 'sewing week' off work has not started well at all. Haven't managed to stray far from my couch today and it's been a writing rather than a making day. Anyway, enough about me. I just adore this – the large repeat really lends itself to a full length piece and as usual you've played a blinder. I know exactly what you mean about restrictive styles but I can imagine this looking stunning on you. The colour is wonderful and your pattern matching a dream. One of your most stand out makes in my book and well worth splashing a little cash. I've just about busted my stash now and inspired by you am going to be much more considered about any future additions. I've got lots of scraps to work with so time to cast my attentions away from myself and towards others 🙂


  4. Eimear Greaney says:

    Thanks so much Aimee, I have just seen your newest skirt. it really suits you! I am in dublin now and got another piece of fabric in murphy sheehys (no willpower but only bought enough for a handbag in mock suede – half metre) and am wearing the plaid dress and making everyone admire it!


  5. Carolyn says:

    It is lovely! I really like the plaid on the diagonal. It's an interesting plaid too, not typical and so rather eye-catching and smart. I can see why you love it so much 🙂


  6. Eimear Greaney says:

    Thank you so much. It is a quirky plaid indeed and I love it. I wear it a lot for social occasions (those vintage armholes are fine for that). I was also rather pleased that the ease allowed in this dress is rather generous so I didnt grade out and it fits and sits fine!


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