1 metre make – Advance 5232 Liberty Silk

I am sure I am not the only one who either buys too much or too little fabric.  Some time ago, I bought 3/4 metre of this Liberty Silk (because it was relatively expensive I bought ‘too little’).  Its really lovely.  I could not figure out what to make with it, but eventually  tried out Advance 5232 – a lot of the 40s patterns are  economical with fabric (post war fashion etc).  I had photographed the cutting plan at the time, now on other laptop… but suffice to say, it all just fitted in.  The back seam is cut on the selvedge (.75cm is the print and the rest of the seam is the cream selvedge edge).  There were tiny scraps left.



There are probably a few things I should have figured in sooner.  One being, I rarely wear prints, I feel they are fussy, and the second, I find small gathers a bit fussy too, and yet here I was!

I also used the silk setting on the Brother Jones Machine, which was a bit silly as really all it did was sew tiny tight stitches that I cannot undo easily (I did not know this is what it would do as I never had a machine with this setting).  So the blouse is half made (no hems) and in wardrobe (it was taunting me in the work room).

It was only a post on WeSewRetro Facebook that got me thinking about it again – that it will have to be finished.

I am going to take off the yoke as the top stitching is uneven and too far in, but didn’t really want to start until I figured whether the collar should be changed.  Would a solid colour collar look better?  Neither colour I have here is correct, and now that I have photographed a block colour beside – I think I am better with leaving as is….. the yoke will be removed and sewn back but not top-stitched – and a button and loop on back.


took off the yoke today, reattached, hemmed and button and loop – now finished and it looks far better without the top stitch! Also located the cutting layout photos!




10 thoughts on “1 metre make – Advance 5232 Liberty Silk

  1. theupsew says:

    Hi Lynn, Ya, I am thinking of leaving that intact, but definitely undoing the yoke and just stitching as normal, and now its back in the work-room, I will do it this weekend.I forgot to mention in the blog, I cannot believe how strong the weave of liberty silk is (and it is luscious). It is still too cold here for short sleeves but it will definitely be worn in June – and I had originally intended to wear it with a baselayer and cardigan over in the winter.

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  2. theupsew says:

    thanks Karen, I keep meaning to try out more of those post war patterns as they achieve so much on so little fabric, but a lot of the styles are not what I really wear. I have a ‘hollywood’ pattern for a long time which I may try soon. And definitely getting around to that blouse this weekend. The liberty silk sure illustrates quality over quantity.

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  3. wrong doll says:

    Absolutely love the fabric and agree with you and others to keep the same fabric for the collar. I do know where you are coming from on the fussy angle but I reckon if you wear with block colours elsewhere it will be a real statement piece. Liberty – I’m yet to get my hands on some – fabric envy 🙂

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    • theupsew says:

      thanks Aimee, I have re-done the yoke today, and its sitting much nicer (the top stitching felt like a strange cowboy shirt for some reason). just the hems and back button and its officially in the wardrobe. its only the second time I have used liberty and the quality is lovely. on a bit of a run of blouses at the moment – and playing around with some lovely 60s vogue patterns. roll on summer!

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  4. Linda Wilson says:

    Love the print, love the style. Love the collar as it is! when I ever buy a piece of fabric, it it usually too small. This piece must have been perfect size and for good reason too, being post war, I always find those little bits of information so interesting.
    I think you need to dare yourself to start wearing those printed blouses you’ve been making.

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  5. theupsew says:

    will eventually wear this blouse (silk too divine not to) but may wait till summer, and if I was to try the pattern again, I would consider making it more fitted at waist, and put a zipper in, but I also have a few blouse patterns on the work bench so wont be revisiting it for a while!


    • theupsew says:

      Thank you Linda, its a nice pattern. I keep thinking I should revisit it and try something less formal by changing neckline…. but then there are far too many sewing ideas and only one of me! I have been wearing the blouse under a sweater with just the collar out and its rather cute!

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