workroom and wardrobe

My workroom is now a bit tidier – and photos to prove it!  I have a temp table to layout and cut…. and a sewing table, I store my fabrics in a cupboard behind the mannequin.


Top shelf is all old bedlinen which I make toiles from…. I have occasionally to stop myself buying white sheets especially – but when the charity shop sells them for a euro, what can I do….. (I can only buy if they will fit in this shelf)

Shelf 2 is clothes to be remade… a lot of these are bought in the last 2 years, and I have stopped buying pretty much from the charity shops until these are used up/sewn up.  I was slowly turning into my father…. ‘sure you couldnt leave that quality behind….’ and so much so that this shelf was overflowing, so I donated back and will keep on using this.  I am still amazed at the quantities in the Charity shops….

Shelf 3 is odds and ends… handbag bits I can’t get rid of that I need to fix, small bits of trims, and old linings that may or may not get used!

Shelf 4 is ‘stash and stuff’.  Stash is in one bag, and stuff….. well its overflow stuff from Shelf 2!

I also drew some sewing picture plans….  The last one taken down (single sheet/less ambitious),  some on this got done, and some got changed.  I like drawing out these pics.  The are intentions, not promises and it helps me clarify what I want to sew, what will make flexible wardrobe pieces.

Like others, I find 20% of my wardrobe is worn 80% of the time…. actually these percentages are arbitrary, I really don’t know the exacts, but at times there is ‘the uniform’ which I wear when I have wood to chop/chores to do/don’t know if it will rain or not, and then there are the clothes I wear when I am being a bit more social and a bit more confident of the weather (what can I say, I live on the atlantic seaboard)

My summer uniform for the last three years has been, black cut-offs (thrifted and only sewing involved ripping a fringe off the legs), crochet top (best ever),  issy miyake top (2nd version with permanent pleating success), red short cardi (perennial).WIN_20160504_12_57_07_Pro


New enty for last year, was the ‘cigarette pants’ and pillow case top, galactic top (crocheted by my sister, I made one too but gave mine to her!), and the cardigan here is a thrifted…. at least 15 years ago….. so lord knows how old. Main summer shoes are a mix of old sandals (irish sandals can never wear out….) and my mohops (probably not the most comfortable but you can change the ribbon for new shoes).


I am hoping that the new ‘uniform’ choice could be the black linen culottes I hope to make…………as lord knows there are enough co-ordinating blouses in the mix!



10 thoughts on “workroom and wardrobe

    • theupsew says:

      Thank you Agatha, when we moved in three years ago, this house needed (and still needs) a lot of work. there was beauty board and woodchip and rotten single glazed windows everywhere, but nice solid rooms and great light. I painted all the beauty board white, and set up my workspace. everywhere still needs a fair bit of work (we did get the windows done) but to finally have dedicated workspace (each) has been such a gift. Its amazing what you can overlook (bad roof/ lousy plumbing all will be fixed in time) when that part of your daily life is in place!


  1. Linda Wilson says:

    That’s a lot of working space. I have a corner. I have now got two dining tables in one room, one for eating at and one has permanent sewing machines on it, but oddly, they match. I am never that organised with my clothing or intentions, I change my mind all the time.

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    • theupsew says:

      yes I got lucky – but its the quality of the light in the room for the morning I love the most. I had a workspace in the last house but I didnt use it as it was a dark room….. the room is about 8×10 but it has a high ceiling which makes it feel roomier… its great to have a room to escape to….. having said that, i intend to do some printing this summer (think this weekends workshop could start something) so I will temporarily take over the kitchen table (again)

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  2. sewing40damgate says:

    Great workroom. I love seeing where other people spend their time sewing. Here’s a question from someone who first used a sewing machine in the 1960s (it was borrowed from the woman next door, a Singer hand machine, very frustrating!) – What’s the machine next to your sewing machine? Embroidery? Long arm? Looks intriguing.

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    • theupsew says:

      yes – its the embroidery – and electronic machine with embroidery function, the shelving beside has the other machines and I really should use my 80s singer more as its the one I have used the most and we are well acquainted (the embroidery machine is the new one and often ends out if I have been trying some fancy stitches…or testing some embroidery. to sew though I prefer the singer 80s best! (electronic machine out of favour currently as I screwed up with a twin needle on it recently which would never have happened on the singer!

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  3. wrong doll says:

    I agree with Agatha – your sketchings are just beautiful. And I have supreme workroom envy – a dedicated room for sewing is every sewist’s dream. I have a dedicated area for sewing – it just happens to be my whole flat with sewing paraphernalia in every room. But like you, I’m blessed with a light aspect with a beautiful view of the trees which makes sewing at this time of year such a delight. Nice to catch sight of that pillowcase top again!

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    • theupsew says:

      Thanks Aimee, when I used live on my own, my kitchen was my work and make space (as I could contend with ink getting on the plates, and pins on the floor, but seemingly other people cannot) so a work room is handy for containing mess and makes, its a messy workroom today as I am trying out some blocks and have not carved lino in years – but I am hoping to get a pattern together tomorrow and print some fabric in the print on fabric workshop we are doing on Saturday….. and as I have not block printed in a while, I am hoping it goes well…. but if it doesnt, sometimes its good to make a mess and have some fun! (or so I am telling myself today…)

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      • wrong doll says:

        I do love how you try out so many techniques in your projects Eimear. I remember lino carving being really tricky back at school – I didn’t have the patience for it. Look forward to seeing what comes from the fabric workshop and yes – enjoying the process is just, if not more important, as the outcome. Happy creative weekend 🙂

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