scarf to a poncho and some print too!

I got these scarves a few weeks ago in the local charity shop.   They were a donation of seconds from a woolen mill in Mayo (this charity shop sometimes gets donations from this mill), and I find it hard to pass up on wool , but I also find it hard to sew everything I pick up so I dithered for a while on whether I should get them at all.  Most of the scarves were thicker, and ‘normal’ size, but there were two wraps that were incredibly fine – and these I could not leave behind.,  I was wondering what to make, and was wondering if I should cut into them, but they work so well as shawls and scarves (I started wearing them pretty much straight away).  I decided to try another poncho!

I thought multi-coloured buttons would be a bit of fun, so got a selection and made a number of buttonholes.  As the wool is so fine, I used scraps of vilene to stabilize, and made all buttonholes the same size, but did not cut them all up the same size until I checked each button (buttons were either 14mm or 16mm).  I did 7 buttonholes each side, but it was only AFTER I thought that the 2 rows of buttons I did for the last one would not look so good here, so I zig-zagged them closed!  (they don’t look too obvious, and as its a line of 7 it has a pattern to it, so I am thinking -wishfully- it looks deliberate!)

Some Print, Some Pattern

We (sewing group) also did 2 workshops for voluntary arts week.  One was pattern drafting, and the other was hand printing fabric.  I did a pattern drafting one for a few of us, and as all good plans, they changed.  I had intended to show skirt drafting, but we ended up trying out the pattern magic book, which was good for me as I keep meaning to try the bamboo shoot top.  So I prepared the pattern again at home, and cut a toile,  printed it, and made it up.  I originally printed it with white but it looked rather dull, so I did a speckle repeat in red/orange/yellow.  The folding and sewing needs some refining, but I am glad I got to try it.  Its unlikely I will make it up as I don’t wear waist seams much, but I may use it again in another context.

The other print I did was on a dress.  The pattern I drafted was for a dress based on one I saw on the Finery London website (I just love their clothes).  I thought it would make a handy work (as in gardening etc) smock style dress, and cut it from a sheet.  I drafted a quick pattern,  and thought to do a plaid style pattern.  The single line looked effective (and out of line) but I left as was, and did the plaid effect for the pockets.  I have not bothered to finish this as I forgot that these shoulder darts can look severe – too much like the 80s and in all the dress is a bit of a sack!



Ultimately, I am not too bothered these are still at toile stage as it was good to change it up a bit, as I forgot how much I like printing by hand, and repeat patterning…. so much so, that we are planning another print session for later in the summer!

8 thoughts on “scarf to a poncho and some print too!

    • theupsew says:

      Thank you Lynn – It was really useful to do it in the community hub space (its a temp cultural space here that can be used for free) and while I will happily work away by myself at home, it was especially enjoyable having people to work alongside – I am hoping we get another session in before the end of the summer!


  1. Ann M. says:

    I am intrigued by the “sew & fold” vest. I would love to see how to do that and what it would look like on a top or skirt. Enjoyed all your creations today.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Linda Wilson says:

    Hi Eimear looks like you’re enjoying yet another aspect of the sewing/creating world and the classes sound great!
    Love the print ideas, I think you could easily wear the toiles exactly as they are.

    Liked by 1 person

    • theupsew says:

      Ah, thank you Linda. but those darts in the kimono sleeve have too much of an 80s feel – and I am not fully ready for a revival!, and I am happy to play about with the bamboo top to mix in with something else. I have gotten around to the culottes and well pleased with them (although got a mixed review here….) hoping to finish the ‘matching top’ Sunday.

      Liked by 1 person

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