crochet patches – fixing it finally

I have a cardigan for a long time, well since we moved to this house 4 years ago and I picked it up at a jumble sale a month or so after moving and finding out just how cold our new house could be.  Its one of those cardigans you can put on over everything and be warmer, or wear as a temporary jacket…..its not that I like it loads, its just so useful.  I also had not noticed it had a hole in one elbow  and it way too late  by the time I went to fix it, and I pretty much made a mess of it, so the next plan was elbow patches.  I couldn’t figure a patch I liked (yes I did have that dilemma!)  but when I saw some crochet ones on pinterest, I liked the overall quirks, so made some.  I would have liked them with more pinks and finer yarn and but went with the yarn ends I had.  There is something so appealing to me these days about the obvious handmade…. to the point I value it so much more (ironic considering my chunky stitches).  Some months ago, a friend commented on my jeans – ie why were there big cross stitches on the arse of my jeans….. I had to explain that they were sashiko mending, the new-old way to darn (I was trying to be succinct)…..and went on to the point that I was nearly selling the idea that my badly done example was the way to do it (oops)…… I have a strange vanity about hand-stitching, no matter how badly its done, I see it like drawing….its all my work!crochet patches

Other than that – I seem to have made it my mission to catch all the colds and top it off with a flu (at which point I finally went to the doctor who tells me – oh flu….cant give you anything for that) so I was lying low beyond going to work etc.  I had planned to embroider cushions as presents (didn’t but did made some more tea-towels….its a polish saying and I think apt for when things are out of your control) as well as a cute collar for a friend (will be making more of these), as well as a dress (chose awful fabric for this, navy wool gaberdine – what was I thinking so now it looks like a verger, and it looks worse on, but I have planned to remake something from it in time).  My sewing plans for January consist of finishing the projects started in November, as well as a make a few patterns I really really want to try and have been on a wish list for a while.


embroidered presents



less said about this – the better………..



planned makes for 2017…………the last two patterns are for my sister, the 4th pattern I am unsure of still….the toile looks too much like a sack…..


I also got a whim for the sales and did some browsing.  I don’t have a strict no-buy-new policy, it just ends up that I have not bought new for the last few years as inevitably I am put off buying anything in the shops as its either badly made, awful fabric, or doesn’t fit, …and I also was trying on styles I love, but styles that don’t suit me…..  Ultimately I always feel the better after this experience, as I count the money as saved by not buying and congratulating myself on making clothes I like and fit me better than the store-bought.  Although subconsciously I must have had the intent to buy something, as I did get these trousers in the charity shop, and they are divine wool, fitted well, and are lined beautifully, and a swanky ‘label’  …..they only needed to be taken up, and a small ‘sway back’ adjustment, and I steamed them.   I always end up somehow wondering about the former owner of these clothes (is that creepy?)  And as they had such little (maybe none) wear, were they a sale buy?  did the long legs of these fit this person? wouldn’t it be so convenient if my legs were 2 inches longer and I didn’t have to take them up etc….. and I couldn’t bring myself to cut them, so I hemmed by turning up again as some part of me thinks that in some years when I donate back to the shop, a long legged person will get them and need to take them down….


I did manage to do my christmas card as usual – although one friend was quick witted enough to compare to the Aldi 4 bird roast!  And obviously I meant to post this one sooner on the blog………..but I was fixing a cardigan!  I am off to Dublin for my ‘second’ christmas with my fab sis,  (working in retail seems to overtake the actual day as it just becomes one day off – so my focus is always on the days after which I enjoy so much more), and I am thinking I may call to the lovely Murphy Sheehy Fabrics as the vogue coat needs 3 metres of fabric and has a bias sleeve….

Happy New Year!


happy christmas 2016

13 thoughts on “crochet patches – fixing it finally

  1. wrong doll says:

    I really love the patches and what you said about the obvious handmade – it’s lodged in my mind as things do and am sure it will influence me in the coming year. And the verger look quite appeals to me! I want to make more plain coloured clothes where the line and sewing details sing rather than the fabric but we’ll see how I go. It’s been great following your makes so far and I look forward to accompanying you on your journey in the coming year. Happy New Year Eimear!

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    • upsew says:

      And a very happy new year to you Aimee….. I was probably trying to be polite when I said verger but its also been compared to a nun, so that sealed it (ie no-way-wearing-it). I am hoping to find a nice textured fabric, and am trying to try some patterned fabrics on something in the new year! (the style dress I made in 1991 and I am thinking of making it again in a patterned fabric….. I hope it turns out okay as I loved wearing it in the 90s). just saw your instagram photo…did you really get the shears?…………….adore that green fabric. enjoy!

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      • wrong doll says:

        I’m also rather partial to the nun aesthetic but I won’t try and convince you further! I did get the shears – a 43rd birthday present from my mum and I can’t wait to take them through their paces. My sewing week awaits and I can’t think of a better way to start the year x

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    • upsew says:

      thank you very much…… I am hoping to get some boiled wool or an interesting fabric for the vogue but will have to see whats in the stores – and a very happy new year for you too Linda!

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  2. Linda Wilson says:

    Pressed the wrong button in an attempt to change the Eimear? ?? Will I ever learn!!!
    Love the crochet patches on your cardi. And I think, before you send the blue dress to the back of the wardrobe, why don’t you make one of the gorgeous embroidered collars, just like the one in the photo, for yourself and put it on the dress. Just as it is, and give it a contrast neckline. It looks to me like that dress should be worn, it’s lovely.
    I also spent time at the sales and pretty much had the same experience. Sometimes I buy anyway, and then wonder why and return everything! I sometimes find things to refashion in the sales, but haven’t managed this time round. Happy New Year to you!

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    • upsew says:

      Thats a great idea Linda, I had been mulling over removing either the funnel neck or the sleeves (and I love the sleeves!) eitherway, I am putting it away for a bit so I can finish a few other projects! Hope your Christmas went well, and I adored that jacket you made – saw those photos on a brief instagram visit (I dont really go on instagram much) – hope you do a post on it soon, happy new year to you too!

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  3. Sophie Preston says:

    Such a great way to extend the life-cycle of a garment. I’m not much of a sewer but I’ve been stitching up holes in pockets, taking items to the tailors and reworking old pieces to avoid them heading to a charity pile! I read that 60% of a garment’s environmental footprint happens once it’s been purchased so the importance of repairing and rewearing can’t be overstated! Thank you for sharing.

    Sophie x

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    • upsew says:

      Thank you for your kind comments…. I find I value repairs more and more now, Believe it or not, I bought a pair of purple looped wool hiking socks with a large hole in them in a discount basement 31 years ago. they were 3 sizes too big but I adored the wool and darned them with pink cotton embroidery floss and wore them with wellies. 14 years ago, my boyfriend needed fresh socks so I gave them to him and now they are his, they are coming to the end of their life but I think there is still some time in them, and the darn is still there. Well done to you for keeping on top of repairs…… I often leave it a little late, which is why the big patch was needed here!


  4. Cate says:

    I hear you on the buying new clothes issues! I sometimes get dragged along to the high street shops by my mum and the entire time I’m looking at things and saying “Ew, polyester, that would be better in silk or cotton!” and “Seriously, look at that stitching!” and “Good Lord, who the hell thought that was a good cut?!”. Yep, I don’t do very well at the high street and, like you, save quite a bit. It’s a shame it then all goes on fabric, sewing patterns and yarn, otherwise I’d be rich! xx

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    • upsew says:

      Ya the money always goes somewhere… weakness is the vintage patterns…….and I dont think the high street will ever get next to near the finish you get on your clothes, I adored that dress in your last post (and indeed all your makes!)


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