Sewing and Sanding

so after the last few months of being house obsessed – I now have my workroom nearly back and the house stuff that was stored there is making its way back to the rooms of the house, and I am finding it rather slow to get back sewing again as I am still trying to figure on sanding doors and tables. I have given up on wall painting as my shoulder got rather sore from ceilings so after 3 rooms fully painted and 3 small rooms and hall to finish (they are all primed) we have decided to leave them for a while.


I had hand hem finished  a silk top while the renovations were going on. It was a pattern I was gifted and for a raw-silk fishtail skirt, it made a lovely blouse.

The main piece that takes up the most fabric with this piece is the bias collar, and the fishtail was a long bias piece so perfect for the collar. The cut was relatively simple. I had to seam a piece near the shoulder to get the full piece, and it doesn’t detract from the fabric, and there were pieces left over for the now ‘fictitious’ patchwork and applique I have deluded myself into thinking I may actually make!

The fit of the top is rather cute, and I think would make a nice evening piece, but ultimately I was more interested in trying out the pattern so it may not get worn till Christmas.

Its also a shame that these types of wedding/occasion silk and satin skirts end up in the charity shops. They really are a one wear item, so its nice to think they can make up into other more ‘functional’ pieces.

The other pattern I got to try out was a Vogue Blouse. I really liked the cut, the neckline and those sleeves. I made 2, one from some black cotton left-overs to the actual size of the pattern which was a snug fit, and the sleeves about 2 inches shorter. I had a white end piece of fabric, and cut another and gave a more generous seam allowance (rather than grading) and longer sleeves. I did not do the waist darts, as realistically my waist is widening, and it would have been a bit too tailored for a summer blouse.

I love the sleeves of this. There is a bit of drama to them. The blouse needs a fabric with a bit of structure, but this in turn means ironing and making it in white, means more laundering (I seem to attract more stains when I wear anything white…..) so its a high-maintenance piece! but one the first wear it got a few ‘did you make that’ and I think its possibly the quirky cut to the neckline as it does feel unusual. Its a comfortable piece, and if I were to make it again, I would make the sleeves longer again (so in total lengthen by at least 5 inches).

I have not done as much sewing this year with building works and returning to work full time (to pay for said works). I have a few projects in the pipeline which I will get to working on.

My new favourite toy is a hand sander and I managed to sand an old dining room table top (there was a broken dining table in the house for the last few years held together with some bolts and bits) which got sanded back. I have also stripped and sanded some doors here (still to be painted) and got rather ambitious with a chair (still to be finished).



6 thoughts on “Sewing and Sanding

  1. Emily Kitsch says:

    I love the blouses! And also, SO cool that you’re bringing all of that beautiful wood back to life by sanding it! Can’t wait to see how everything looks once it is finished! 🙂 My one experience with sanding was when I was about 15 and was helping my dad with an old picnic table in our back yard. The plan was to stain it or paint it, but it sadly never got finished. We didn’t use a proper sander though, just lots of sandpaper! I think that is what probably lead to the project being abandoned by my dad. LOL.

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    • upsew says:

      Can fairly relate to the picnic table project. I took apart 2 armchairs in our home and decided I would respring…. in the meantime (5 years) my dad went and bought new ones and I never did finish them….. we left them behind when we sold our house!
      I am now a bit more resolute about finishing projects that I start and getting the sander did help a lot as it really gave a lovely smooth finish , especially as the doors were stripped with a heat gun – I am glad I decided to restrict the sanding to just the doors chair and table as that was more than enough

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    • upsew says:

      Thank you – Its a quirky pattern too – I dont know if you can see in the pattern drawing but the shoulder seam goes in a diagonal along from the back neckline and end up half way on the inside wrist. Next time I make this or a version of it, I think I would go bigger and longer on sleeves!


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