hello 1982

This make reminds me so much of the 80s, It was not my intention starting out… it just seemed to turn out like that.  It was also a top similar in style to the ones I did sew for myself in the 80s – where the main considerations were to avoid zips, buttons and sleeve insertions.

I picked up a few bits of fabric recently when I was in Dublin recently getting a second opinion on whether I should get 5 crowns. My dentist thought I should consider getting one on an over-filled back tooth, the ‘crown’ consultant in Galway figured why stop there as I could really do with five. Being faced with such a hefty bill, I decided to get a second opinion from a specialist dental practice I had used to some time ago in Dublin for a root canal (that offer free consultation),  and they pretty much recommended only one crown needed and the inexpensive one (so guess whos opinion I am running with….).

So after this good news , I strolled about town visiting galleries before getting the bus back to Galway, and by way of celebration – I popped into the Cloth Shop off St Stephens Green in Dublin. I don’t often buy fabric, but I do like to have some as its nice to have a sufficient amount to try out a new pattern  now and then rather than being compromised by what an upcycle remake presents. I bought some blue tweed I had noticed there some time back, and the end piece of a viscose knit.

The viscose knit was the perfect weight for top with a bit of structure. I had hoped to make something with a funnel boat neck and kimono sleeve. There was just nearly enough fabric left on the roll – about 70cm.

1982 top draft.jpg

I had made up a rough toile in cotton and then used it as a pattern, I did modify the front to add more fabric to the front neckline, but really could have added a bit more.  The collar facing is a continuation up from the neckline in blue and folded over. I did have to patch the sleeve at the back to make the kimono sleeve fit (I have shown the draft here on the fabric to show where I came in ‘short’.) This back seam on the sleeve is fine, as its easier to tell front and back when putting it on!


and bonus – it matches these sun-glasses

13 thoughts on “hello 1982

  1. upsew says:

    Hi Linda… Its been a while since I have posted as between builders and full time work (at a screen all day) I have tended to switch off so much stuff since, I am beginning to get some sews done and I am keeping the pace deliberately slow. Hope you are keeping well!


  2. erniek3 says:

    That pattern is a classic, and the easiest place to patch on is right there. Your version looks great! I am glad to know that it’s not just here in the US, but everywhere in the world, dentists are looking to improve their vacation properties by funding sources in my mouth. I loved my old dentist: her kids were out of school and she already had everything she wanted. Sadly, she retired, so I found another old dentist with similar consultation concerns. Yay for one crown!

    Liked by 1 person

    • upsew says:

      Yes – 5 crowns was a shocker – the second clinic I went to specialises in a competitively priced service to be fair, and I have found their work good and as a larger clinic their overheads are lower by comparisson to the one person consultant I visited first. Eitherway very glad I had the second opinion! the older I get the more I wish I minded my teeth! How corny is that! (smoking a pack a day did not help)


    • upsew says:

      Thank you Aimee – I am pleased with it – sadly its packed away till next year as the weather is turning here – probably just as well as I was out picking blackberries today and managed to get the purple juice everywhere. Would love to make another top like it if I could get the same fabric (in a stain friendly colour!)


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