vogue 5954 – mans shirt to vogue blouse – (mad about plaid)

vogue 5954 - mans shirt remade vogue blouse

I was hoping to make this blouse for my sister, but she told me that it wasn’t a style she would go for…. so I graded it down and thought I would try it.  I seem to be going through a bit of a plaid phase, (perhaps anticipating someone might get me the vivienne westwood book for chirstmas ……seeing as I have dropped enough hints), and I didn’t even check if the pattern recommended plaid – and sure enough it didn’t, but I was keen to remake the shirt, and keen to try pattern, and thought it could be handy to try, and if it didnt work out, then I would still have some good panels to rework.  nothing ventured……nothing gained…………

vogue 5954 - mans shirt remade vogue blouse

The photo shows a rough layout of the pattern – front yoke not placed properly yet.  I was a bit dim when I went to cut the back.  I thought I would be super smart and leave it a back button blouse – and I never checked the centre line, and the former front of shirt is not balanced on the centre plaid line – and the button down plaids didn’t match – I hadn’t noticed they did not line up – I just assumed they did – so I ended up sewing a back seam anyway (centre back seam is not centred technically).   Note- I only matched the plaid one way on yokes – centre line out (I matched the main part of blouse both ways), fabric for yokes was limited and I also thought as there would not be a perfect match either way.

vogue 5954 - mans shirt remade vogue blouse

The centre front yolk came out even enough, but I had to baste it (which is no bad thing and I should consider doing this more- that is, baste first, then sew, rather than sew, rip, sew, rip, baste, sew….).  I top stitiched the yoke panels, both back and front, and used lining as the facing on the yokes. The shoulder seams were never going to match…. and they don’t There is a side zipper.  The fit is good, and it ends just below waist.  
It has a nice tailored feel to the blouse – and it has a great shape to it, and like a lot of tailored clothes, your posture improves the minute you try them on!

I don’t know about the bow…. I think when the blouse is done in a silk, which I intend to try, the bow may work better then.    I would definitely do a button back from refashioning a shirt the next time.

vogue 5954 - mans shirt remade vogue blouse

On a completely different project, I am in a dilemma on where to start with this one

I got this plaid skirt some weeks ago.  Its wool, and I like the colours, and now the dilemma what to make.  I could do another plaid overblouse  or jacket, and I could also try a dress…. Hard to know as these plaid squares are big.  I was thinking of another coat as I have a black wool skirt and have black as sleeves and yoke and plaid as body (starting at armpits as opposed to bust in the photo below), and keeping the neckline round – and then I am thinking – o dear – another coat……………………..

The skirt panels measure  120cm x 80cm (80cm is the grainline) x 2 

4 thoughts on “vogue 5954 – mans shirt to vogue blouse – (mad about plaid)

  1. Eimear Greaney says:

    Hi Jessamyn, I am beginning to prefer with bow myself now and pin idea is v handy, – I just had a look at that dress, its amazing, totally gorgeous – thanks so much for the link, I ended up browsing a lot of Anne Fogarty after, her clothes were so classy. I am taking the skirt apart later, so will see how much fabric I can realistically play about with!


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